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Discussion in 'DMT' started by Today, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Reality was stripped away from me tonight. I can't fully explain it but i was already in the after glow of one trip when i took 4 big ones in. I felt like trying to keep my eyes open this time around, and i tried to experience it like mushrooms where you can interact. Boy was that a mistake.

    I felt like i was surround by a million facets of stringing energy and the whole room came to life as if all the matter was exerting some kind of light/energy. All the sudden this Buddha figure approached me and felt like it came into me. (this is all open eye shit) after that i could barely make sense of my environment i would turn my head and feel like the room was turning with me. I got this sense that what i was looking at after i turned my head was what i was looking at before. I kept trying to make sense of this colorful world. I kept feeling this feeling like my body was flowing with something there was this energy/warmth running through my blood. I than started to feel like i was separated from the room like I was floating in the midst of all this energy, I'd close my eyes and see a whole new world painted before me, like my soul was in between two worlds. I could see my world which still my world looked a lot different with my eyes open, and I could see this alien world which I can't fully describe when they were closed.

    So i decided to look myself in the mirror, now that was just weird. (I usually do stare myself down in the afterglow and reflect but this time i was full blow) I can't really explain what i saw or who i saw or what it was i saw but it was insane. So trying to enjoy this weird world i decided to cut the lights and lay down. Thats when i started to look back at my life from the past week and where i am and who is in my life. In all honesty it felt like i was dying and flash backing my life, because everything sort of made sense like i would see how i go about my day from outside myself. I would witness my actions and others reactions and go ooooooo that makes sense now. I truly felt like i was gonna die or i was already dead.

    I than kept switching between different parts of my life like water rushing from one beaker to another. I got this feeling that my memories were just moments in time and i could revisit them as i wished. I saw the pain, the love, i saw it all and it all just made sense. After that i got this feeling that everything in life is just energy moving about. Our souls our thoughts it's all just energy. I study the human brain and with my knowledge in how the brain works, i guess more or less helped me understand this new found understanding...if that even makes sense. I felt like we are granted with this life and are made to do with it what we wanted. I started to realize the fact i was getting older and my dreams of being a kid with such vast dreams were starting to fall apart. I'm only 20 and I have a lot ahead but the choices of professions, the choices of things you once felt you had to look forward to feel apart. I realize I was who I am and it wont change much. I felt this sudden urge that life is somehow completely pointless, that we live we learn and we die, and everyone must continue this process as i have, as you will, as anyone else will.

    This trip was a total mind fuck. That I had an urge to share with people who might somehow in someway understand.:cheers2:
  2. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    that's hardly pointless. :)

    it is the most beautiful thing conceivable.
  3. very nice report, sounds like quite an experience :)
  4. solarus

    solarus Member

    Last part sounds a lot like my first acid trip.

    Nice report
  5. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Wow. That sounds beautiful. Thank you for sharing :)
  6. This was smoked DMT? You have alot to go buddy. I like your trip report though. You have got some BALLS for your attempt. I would like to try it in complete darkness and see how vivid the visions could be. Good luck with your experiments.
  7. goodvibes83

    goodvibes83 Senior Member

    sounds increidble, ive only done dmt once and it was out of tis world, its posted on this site somewhere..but i think 90% of the time my eyes were closed...I can't imagine what its like with your eyes open.

    the whole memory thing sounds crazy. now im curious, were any of the memories yuo experienced, memories you hadn't recalled in years, perhaps even forgotten?

    how did you take it?

    man i have so many questions, probably all pointless so i shall stop but thanks for sharing!
  8. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Questions like that aren't pointless at all. In fact, I'm interested in what the response to them is too.

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