Milkshake universe

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by Sir-.-'nOOBalloT, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Imaging a chocolate milkshake in which the chocolate particles have consciousness.In the universe of milkshake what would be the perception of the milk?
    The chocolate particles could say it is nothing empty space something that is just there in between us other chocolate particles.
    If u were one of the chocolate particles and live in this world could u describe milk afcourse no how could u its to big to see to important to notice its like asking a fish to describe water or a human what is nothing.

    But the biggest part of something is probably the most important part of it just like milk in a milkshake, just like empty space in our universe. After all even chocolate atoms the hard stuff is made mostly out of nothing just deans information flouting in emptiness of milk afcourse one cannot exist without the other, something cannot exist without the nothing.
    Chocolate powder by its self is nothing special but add milk and bravo u have a universe of flavor just like our universe before the big bang singularity was the chocolate powder empty space is the milk...

    My question is who's pouring the dam milk and why???

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