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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by BraveSirRubin, May 9, 2004.

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    I don't have my poetry forum... so i might as well just post this here.

    Pherapheral models
    of urbanized dwelling
    pointless information
    residing in my head

    Where are you right now,
    my dreams, imagination?
    Are you by chance,
    hiding under my bed?

    should i look into my closet,
    where it's dark and blurry
    images of sadness
    of a stained white shirt

    The wine stain is like us
    radient and blurry
    changing the environment
    of this stormy world.

    Are you inside my head,
    You beasts of wonder?
    Have you devoured
    every mortal sin?

    Our sin is life,
    lust and all the others
    sinless creatures,
    god has yet not seen.

    Purify your mind
    of daytime flying
    of memorization
    of fixed moral.

    Add to it some lime,
    it will make it sour
    yet much more tasty
    common, my friend, do try.

    Insert everything
    into your dreams and passions;
    to your dying imagination,
    give a kiss of life.

    Live and do not condem
    all the worldy richers,
    we are here the richest;
    the ones that enjoy life.

    PAVEL RUBIN, 2004.
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    makes me think of a quote, but i cannot remember by whom, something to the effect of: "is a garden any less beautiful because it does not have fairies in it?"

    much love :)
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    nice thoughts,

    maybe break it in half though?
  4. know1nozme

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    Economical phrasing, invokes imagination (makes me think - I like that).

    Are you changing the subject you are addressing midway through (monsters in the first half, yourself in the second)? Or am I reading incorrectly?
  5. BraveSirRubin

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    Thank you for the comments.

    No, I will not cut it in half. This poem is relatevely short compared to my other ones. (Nothing T.S. Elloit-ish... but they are long)

    I do not like explaining my poems, and prefer people to make thier own interpertations... but...

    to make it clearer... i'm addressing myself throughout the entire poem, other than the intro, which is purposley off topic, to create the element of confusion uppon which the poem strives.

    Then, the imagery of the closet is just an allusion to imagination and life, in some people. The poem then continues to revolve around those topics.

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