Michigan Regional May 11-20

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by MoeDoggsLester, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Michigan Regional Gathering Dates: May 11 - May 20 '07 Type: Gathering Location: Manistee National Forest
    Michigan, United States
    Any body goin ? i would love to have some company ive got a van and i live in the Pontiac area !! Any one need a ride ?
  2. merlinclark

    merlinclark Member

    i havent heard of this gathering. sounds interesting. i was planning on going to Cumberland gap around that time?
  3. gonephishin77

    gonephishin77 Member

    darnit to jibbeees!!!!! i would have so gone had i know in time !
  4. PunkRocker

    PunkRocker Member

    I was there(i was actully the first one there with Xander)...it was my first gathering(couldnt find the Ocala one)...i plan to go to the texas nationals...

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