Michael Phelps smoking a bong.

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by FareakinOut, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. FareakinOut

    FareakinOut Member

    I haven't seen a similar thread yet (I'm surprised). If i missed it, I apologize.

    So he hit a bong at a college party last fall,and the media is ready to make a fucking scandal out of it. Ask any other 20 year old what they were doing last weekend...or last night..or 5 minutes ago...People will toke down every once in awhile!

    I'm not even a huge michael phelps fan, but I would hate for this to have a negative impact on his career because he wanted to rip a bong. Some bulllshitttt.

  2. FareakinOut

    FareakinOut Member

    Nvm then.

    Thanks for providing a link.
  3. FareakinOut

    FareakinOut Member


    This site was straight before it began to be filled with assholes who flame and hate on anyone who tries to make a post of any type. If all you can do is hate, get the fuck off the site. Including anyone who can only come up with pointless and non productive posts such as that one ^. You've seen five posts like this one eh? I've encountered 3 fuckbags such as yourself today, but so what? Provide a link/ something useful or shut the fuck up.
  4. BigDP

    BigDP Member

    i gotta agree with you. the guy should shut the fuck up. hes not a mod.
  5. xSOADxX075

    xSOADxX075 Member


    But they should let him be, he EARNED a fucking gold in the Olympics, he deserve to hit all the bongs he wants!
  6. Treath

    Treath Member

    Bong hits are good for everyone!!
    At least you don't see Phelps snorting coke or shooting junk.
  7. kmarcher87

    kmarcher87 Member

    I just love the huge bold capital letters that make it look worse than rape.

  8. FareakinOut

    FareakinOut Member

  9. DandysTree

    DandysTree Member

    peoples major beef is that he appealed to straight america and made himself out to be a roll model, and signed all the major deals to put himself in the spotlight, if he hadnt done that people wouldnt be roasting him for it now

    imo its a good thing, the most decorated american olympic athlete and major roll model smokes cannabis mearly months after the olympics! and probably several times throughout the process, word...
  10. Ehoney29

    Ehoney29 Member

    I respect him more now that I know he smokes weed.
  11. FareakinOut

    FareakinOut Member

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