Mexico's Largest Cannabis Bust - 105 Tons!

Discussion in 'Cannabis News' started by skip, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    It looks like Mexico has just made its biggest cannabis bust ever, 105 tons taken from various places in Tijuana. It seems the marijuana was being collected from various parts of Mexico where it was grown and readied for transport into the USA.

    The marijuana was in 10,000 packages, labeled for delivery. Police estimate the value of the haul at $340 million.
  2. Nobody dies from cannabis intoxication or fatal overdose. What do the Mexican LEOs think their protecting USA from?
  3. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    dirty marijuana cased in diesel fuel... They can keep that shit... REAL AMERICAN MARIJUANA SMOKERS DONT WANT IT!!.... :2thumbsup:
  4. boguskyle

    boguskyle kyleboguesque

    shiyit. 105 tons would last me multiple lifetimes. probably what the oficials were thinkin

    GLENGLEN Banned

    *runs to get calculator*...........Mmmmmmmmm Just What I Thought,

    105 Tons, Would Last Orison Approx 105 Days...:eek:.

    No Surprises There Folks...[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
  6. I thought it the bigist stash they ever seized, it being a rare thing now a days, but it turns out they got bits of it from different places and then said it a massive seizure!

    The BBC World Service said it the massive ever:confused:
  7. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    some heads are gonna roll

  8. Wow. I have a few friends who would KILL to have that much weed. :|
  9. Sam_Stoned

    Sam_Stoned Senior Member

    Edit: nevermind, I thought it was a bud that was 105 tons. lmao I'm a bit stoned and with wishful thinking...
  10. seized:

    Average yearly marijuana produced, Mexico:

    That's 0.52% impact!
  11. ScottDK420

    ScottDK420 Banned

    It's a 99% chance that 1/2 or more of that mexican pot bust was loaded up by the cops and sold back to the
  12. RooRshack

    RooRshack On Sabbatical

    On one hand, FUCK those pigs and their dirty war on the combined populations of our countries.

    On the other hand, FUCK those runners and their dirty war on the combined populations of our countries. Love schwag and all, but it's always better to buy local.
  13. I wonder who snitched...
  14. Sam_Stoned

    Sam_Stoned Senior Member

    You ask that like you'd have a shot in hell at reconizing the answer lol
  15. ScottDK420

    ScottDK420 Banned

    Lol...I bet it was ol' juanito that dirty snitch is always messing with the cartels knows and who in the USA would know them?! lol..

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