Methylphenidate Side Effects?

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by RealitaT, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. RealitaT

    RealitaT Member

    Any have any side noticealble effects of ritalin that are not usually there? Has it gone away? Is it recurring?

    The only side effect that i've noticed just popped up yesterday.
    Took 2 20mg ritalin orally, had a buzz for first class, second class i began to have a headache and mild nausea, and things up close became blurry. By third period my head was still hurting only mildly worse and there was noticeable nausea. i had to put my head down and close my eyes for any comfort to be regained, unfortunately the teacher consantly bothered me even i already completed my assignment, at the end of class i headed home on the bus. i ended up dry heaving a couple times, drank some water, smoked some pot, had something to eat. I ended up falling asleep at 1:30pm for an hour and a half.
    This may be due to lack of sleep (6hours) or a random side effect.

    this morning a took 2 20mgs again and had my buzz for about an hour, at the beginning of my second class i tried to read my novel, but it was blurry again. fortunately i was able to function and had no nausea or headache, although i had some nausea at first, as the pill was digested on an empty stomach. i became lethargic yet anxious, when im usually determined and anxious and completing something was a reward.

    anyone relate?
    different side effects?
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    Well I've said this a few times in some other threads. When I've used Ritalin recreationally, the comedown produces almost methamphetamine-like side-effects. Hallucinations, blurryness, things in the corner of my vision.

    However Ritalin, when used as it should be, can produce a wide ranger of strange side-effects. Anywhere from full blown hallucinations, to nausea, to anxiety, to extreme fear. I never noticed anything but over-excitedness sometimes when I used it as directed for years and years. - A little site with a list of side-effects.
  3. RealitaT

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    yeah... but this was the first time it happened... been using orally and intranasally for a year or so on and off and never had side effects.
    also today i snorted 2 20 mg ritalin 6.5 hours apart without any side effects, and was able to read my novel in class. i find this strange usually faster blood saturation increases the intensity and shortens the duration of effects, yet i did not have any unusual reactions that i did when i dosed orally. it may also be a tolerance effect as i have been less frequently using the slower saturation method.
    oh well, ill reduce the intranasaly dosage by 10mgs or so, try again then halve it. I used to be able to get a good buzz off of 5mg and 10mg bumps, and have a long lasting buzz from a 18mg slow release ritalin orally. i then increased dosage to 20mg nasally and 40mg orally. this was about 2 months ago i increased the dosage...
  4. try snortin 60mg, thats my magic number.

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