methonal extraction for dmt

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by SpidermanUFO's, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. anyone know if this is a good extraction? I can't use a stove so I need to either do a cold or methonal extraction. Please give me the recipe if you know it on this page. Most of my websites are blocked thanks

  2. InFlames420

    InFlames420 Member

    What material are you extracting? soak in methanol for a week shaking a few times everyday. Strain off liquid... save it.... repeat three times. then discard the plant material. You could then let it evaporate. Personally I wouldn't bother doing this. Your end product is probably going to be very impure. For A DMT extraction, I would definatly go with an acid/base. The acid/base requires a list of materials to buy however. Are you talking about an acidic cold water extraction? I wouldn't recommend that either. It'll be very impure and if you drink it it'll taste horrible. The procedure is kinda long so, If you want instructions on an acid/base email me at ,that way you'll avoid those blocked sites.

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