Methicathinone vs Cocaine

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by Heisenburger, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Heisenburger

    Heisenburger Guest

    Hi. So I live in a area where coke is popular but meth is not. So.mcat seemed loke a good and easy synthesis for sort of a come substotite. So how do you compare em? Also how is compared to Aderall?

    Lastly...I know this is odd..but a friend wanted to cook up the mcat into freebase like come with crack. Possible? I told him idk but that if i made a chemically pure mcat why not just smoke it raw?

    By the way I MEAN METHICATHINONE NOT MEPHEDRONE. Thanks. And thanks having me. Oh lastly actually...if I wanted to add color to my powder with food coloring would a few drops of water based food coloring and a natur evap be ok or would the water degrade the mcat in HCL form? I am a newb to organic chemistry but K have researcged the matter the past year daily and feel fairly confident. :2thumbsup:
  2. Heisenburger

    Heisenburger Guest

    *coke substitute.


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