Methcathinone (Ephedrine extraction)

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by Geneity, May 10, 2007.

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    I've been interested in speedy drugs since I first tried Ritalin awhile ago, and now I have Adderall, and scarcely will take a few of the XR's to feel amazing.

    Unfortunately, Ephedrine is nowhere near as easy to get as it once was because of Meth production. It isn't long before it's just banned entirely, because Ephedrine seems to be a precursor for a lot of things.

    My main question is that if I am to make Methcathinone, I need Ephedrine pills. Any Ephedrine combination these days (at least in the U.S.) will contain Guaifenesin as an expectorant and undoubtedly to deter people from 'abusing' it. Will this still be present in the final product of Methcathinone? I'd rather not be snorting Guaifenesin with it, and puking all over the place. Would I have to separate the two before continuing with the synthesis?

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