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Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by LucidOne, Feb 7, 2009.

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    I don't meditate atm, although I used to and plan to start again. When I sometimes meditated, when I got to a certain point in meditation I would experience a weird bouncing effect. Its hard to describe. It's like I would be peacefully focused and my meditation was progressing, perhaps to a deeper state but then all of a sudden my mind would snap back as if this progression I was experienced regressed to an earlier point. Then it would feel like my mind bounced back and forth for a few moments. I would liken this feeling to as if someone some was pulling on an elastic band and then suddenly let go.

    Sometimes it happens to me when I'm having trouble sleeping and I close my eyes and try to force myself to sleep. Does anyone else experience this? What is it?
  2. LucidOne

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    wow this has happened to no one? it just happened to me again yesterday. it feels like a part of me is trying to leave my body and then the part gets jolted back into me.
  3. Chodpa

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    the human body extends beyond the skin and where it ends nobody knows
  4. i kind of know what you mean, i've had times where i felt like i was about to leave my body, but then was pulled back.
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    I had the same exact feelings for the past 2 days and it started cause I was having trouble sleeping but I don't know what it is
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    I know of what you mean,
    it happens to me when trying to fall asleep or when meditating, but also subtly in calming yoga postures. I found this good article on the stages of sleep, we are concerned with the beginnings of sleep.
    I think the pull your feeling is related to the brain producing theta, being calm, slow brain waves and then producing beta brain waves which are quicker and would probably cause you to loose your concentration. When going from normal daily activities into a meditation you most definitely go from beta to theta brain waves. If anyone finds any good links on theta and beta spell it out.

    Your meditation practice is strong my friend! Have you considered asking while in meditation your higher self, guardian angel, past loved one, spirit guide, etc. If you ask ye will receive if you believe. Sometimes it takes them awhile tho right? Hope this helps...
  7. You could be experiencing movement of Kundalini.

    Do you feel a forward backward movement?
    Where is the sensation located?
    What thoughts/feeling do you have - the type of thoughts/feelings will probably correlate to the location of the movement

    “The ultimate truth cannot be challenged”

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