Mental Abuse?

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by misplacedmindhippie, May 31, 2007.

  1. How do u know if you are mentally abused?
    If some1 tells u what to think,
    and never allows u to speak and makes u only think
    there is 1 simple way.... theirs, would that b consisderd mental abuse?
    JW bc i have a friend w/ a bf going throught that and i have tried telling her to drop him!!!!!!!
  2. snakeyes

    snakeyes Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Absolutely! dump him. This is a problem that he's got and I know because I've had that problem too. I mean I've treated girls I've been with like that. Tell your friend that if he don't value her opinion and her feelings then he don't value her. He's just wrapped up in himself. He'll only learn to respect other people when they're gone, but patterns in a particular relationship are fixed and don't change easily. It will never be good between them. She deserves better
  3. Yea i've tried telling her that, and she is trying to, but its hard u kno?
    She doesnt want n e thing to do w/ him now and all he does now is annoy her like i am sorry baby blah blah blah but she pushess him away, he just wont leave HER alone and when they fight thats what happens, he wont let her get a word in or nothing!
  4. snakeyes

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    Without knowing more about them as people, or the situation, it's hard to say much more. However, If she has firmly decided that she doesn't want anything to do with him she has to make it clear to him that it's over and that takes alot of strength. If he is still bothering her after that then that's way out of line. If she's worried that he really will not accept that or he's seriously disturbed or anything she must get backup (parents/older brother or sister etc.). I understand it's hard and women can feel they're helpless when they're dominated by a man, but she can't accept this. It's bullying. She shouldn't worry about being out of a relationship because what she's got right now isn't a relationship. It's also not fair on him for her to let him carry on like this without challenging the behaviour. Suffering in silence is no good. If she's unhappy about anything she has to find a way to tell him. There is no relationship without communication. ok, there, I've said alot now. Peace and love to you and your friend
  5. Yea i think she is gathering up the strength..........
    She is sooooooooo close and i am proud of her!!!!!!!!

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