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    This just in from peace tribes:

    >Howdy folks,
    >Any one receiving this, please forward it to as many folks as you
    >can. I simply do not have the time or the computer time to do it.
    >The hour is late. It is 9:20 pm and I have a lot to do yet tonight.
    >Tomorrow, April 20, 2007 (4/20) at one pm Eastern Standard Time, I,
    >Cheryl Lynn Gardner, better known as Summer Breeze and Rickey Lee
    >Gardner, better known as Raven, have a meeting in Mark Rey's office
    >at 1400 Independence Avenue to discuss our rights as individuals to
    >gather on National Forests and other public lands to practice our
    >spiritual creed and right to worship, right to assemble with others
    >in expression of our creed.
    >This is a personal lobbying effort to see peace come in a long
    >conflict between individuals, folks who attend rainbow gatherings,
    >the Forest Service, the Department of Agriculture and other
    >government agencies. The harassment last year and ticketing and
    >court is no way to spend a week at a gathering at which I intended
    >to set aside for prayer for peace on earth, good will toward men...
    >a time I set aside each year to fellowship in this spiritual
    >journey, a quest for peace and prayer and healing...for my self and
    >my friends and my family and all peoples on earth. This world is in
    >such upheaval. I just want to see love spread around the world and
    >to see folks love one another. I just want peace.
    >No one put me up to doing this personal journey. The Great Spirit,
    >God, I Am, The All That Is, inspired and moved my soul to do
    >something. So I started talking to people, all kinds of people every
    >where searching for an answer to this problem of the federal police
    >ticketing, arresting, blockading, harassing folks who make a yearly
    >pilgrimage to the annual gathering of the tribes to pray for peace,
    >to fellowship, to honor the land and one another, to learn, to teach
    >each other better ways to live with one another and our planet, and
    >to search for some healing from all the wounding happening on this
    >earth that wounds my soul.
    >This has been a long....long journey and it has not been easy.
    >Please pray that Mark Rey and all the officials who will attend this
    >meeting tomorrow, April 20, will listen with their hearts and that
    >Mark Rey will agree to allow an alternative means of compliance this
    >year at the rainbow gathering. This is only the beginning. If peace
    >comes to this gathering, it can be used to lobby Congress to
    >permanently change a law that causes nothing but grief, and does no
    >one or the environment, any good at all. Pray that Mark Rey will do
    >the right thing, as he knows his conscience is being seared by God
    >Almighty to do.
    >Raven is with me on this journey of his own choosing...but I cannot
    >speak for him. Perhaps he will find time after the meeting to write
    >to every one. Raven's email is
    >Out of respect, I share this with folks out there. Please write if
    >you want and share your thoughts, your energy , your
    >experiences...and most of all your love. We all need love now.
    >I will post a report after this meeting. My story of this long long
    >journey will be published in this summer's Peace Letter published by
    >the Washington Peace Center, by Ellen's invitation tonight.
    >God bless us, every one.
    >I liked Tiny Tim in Scrooge...he represented the weak, but his
    >spirit soared greater than all.
    >Remember family, one person can make a difference.
    >Stand up, get up, speak up for your rights.
    >I love you. Let us go home in peace.
    >Summer Breeze
    >(and Raven)

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