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    I watched a 2year old documentary the other day , explaining the controversy that it aroused when it first came out , and the reluctance for the studio to release it (ring any bells ) It looked intresting , so i stayed up to watch (it was on the next day).

    It was very very good.. i was slightly humbled that my naive thoughts were nearly 40 years old ... i could recognise the truths within the film and was thinking how could a 35 year old film and a 28 year old person share a similar sense of things... I thought i was naive but this film did not shock me one bit so i can't be that naive. On the other hand its prety sad that my perception of 'how things are' is still the same as a film that old ....

    It had it all 'ilegal wars'
    'bring our boys home'
    'The world is watching'
    and so on...

    It was also funny , especialy the hockey match that was just a brawl..

    The astute one liners were very good as well...

    Why has nothing changed , why are all the same old cliches still churned out ...

    Was this a grounbreaking film [​IMG] if it was , its in my opinion marred by the same popcorness that is given to 1984....

    You just have to look or watch the news today to see that fact is embeleshed with fiction to create a new fact ... wich to someone knowing the fact just makes it fiction.

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