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    Can meditation be bad? I've heard that on some ppl meditation can make a bad im interested to know is it true, as i always thought it makes good or it doesnt make anything.
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    I've never heard of that.... Strange.

    Peace and love
    Tiff Lennon
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    i've never heard of that..check your souces.... i could see only if your satanic and are meditaing on something bad but meditaion is silence of the mind so you really don't think of anything!
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    *rolls eyes* no offense herbacious but that is rude of you to say. How famliar are you with with that path? If you aren't you shouldn't be so quick to judge if its bad or good.

    Anyway, people who have stated they have recieved nothing from mediation often have a couple of reasons why it didn't work out:

    1. Too high of expectations too quickly. Western culture is notorious for being rather impatient when it comes to finding dept or meaning in a spiritual life. Since western culture is pretty condition to have things happen right now, not getting the "inner peace" right now even after months of sitting meditation might make person say "oh that doesn't work because after weeks of practicing exactly the same thing every night I never did quiet my mind/recieved enlightment/floated above my zafu, etc etc" numerous factors (clock watching, kids interuppting, noisy space, tv on, too busy thinking about that account) disrupt what should be a time of peace. Also people try to do advanced techniques too soon before they lay a solid foundation of practice.

    2. Meditation sometimes brings up some bad memories
    It could be that time you ran over that cat, or got caught making out on the couch by your date's parents, the time you got raped, etc etc. Stillness of the mind isn't easy for everyone and people who are long time meditators don't always tell newbies that. Sometimes you have to wade through the black pool of noise that took years to accumulate will not be broken down in a few weeks or even a few months. Every person works differently so techniques must be adjusted to suit the individual.

    Basically, meditation is a wonderful way to teach yourself how to keep a cool head, think through tasks and be at inner peace even during conflict. Study the different methods find the one that speaks to you and have go at it.

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    Can't meditation also be a time to ponder and seek truth? That's what I like to use as. A method to seperate the body from the mind and let your spirit mind view the world for a change and ponder purpose.
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    Actually some say that because the mind is blank that it may be sensitive to vibrations and thoughts, that one can become demon possessed. I think that it is a function of the mind itself to protect itself in any way possible, so if you have a religious background it will play on your fears.


    There are over 100 different meditation methods. One keeps trying them until one finds what works best for them. I usually say that there are two basic types - the way of openness, which is Tantra, or the way of the will, which is Yoga.

    In Yoga you use concentration, mantras, chants, etc. to keep the mind on a track. In Tantra you open the mind and just witness the mind. Zazen is like Tantra -- where you just see what the mind is doing and not get involved.

    So basically you can have an aggressive meditation method which calls upon the will, or a non-aggressive method which is open to everything.

    I usually suggest that people do zazen and as they sit, ignore the mind - just watch your body. You should find that somewhere there is an itch. You look at the itch and it'll eventually go away and another somewhere else comes up, etc. This will take the mind off of thinking and turn it towards feeling. Then after all the itches have disappeared you just watch your breath. As the mind starts to think you'll notice the breath start to change. You keep slowing down the breathing until the mind stops. And when it does, a falling spoon should stop falling. The mind will start to freak out, you'll think you're going to die, and you'll start feeling as if you're falling.

    The trick is not to freak out. Much easier said than done.

    If you think that you'll freak out, then try meditating as you start to fall asleep.

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