Medeski, Martin and Wood, 4/26/07

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by -beatnick, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. -beatnick

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    me and two friends hit up the medeski, martin and wood acoustic concert last night in ny. it was fantastic. they all had a good time of soloing and jamming it up. anybody go to the show? before the show we rolled up a spliff with some good reefer and tobacco. it was harsh on the lungs, but got us well baked. we walked up to town and saw the concert. medeski was playing the piano strings and martin had a xylophone solo in a song. anyone else see the concert? opinions?
  2. CaptainBeefheartFan

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    I LOVE THEM. dude I fucking MISSED THEM!!! AGHHHHH They came to raleigh, and I found out about theat shit thae sday of thea show man FUCK dammit biotch ho AGHHHH
  3. yazzer

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    wow i know a guy who loves them shit outta them. i just don't get into their sound. not my scene.
  4. jo_k_er_man

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    I missed'em at 10klf last year... Big Wu was playing at the same time

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