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    Trenn's back!


    You know - the sexy cool one.

    Oh, right. Why's he back then?

    He, er - well, um. Not sure really.

    I never really liked him. Bit of a twat, if you ask me.

    Actually it's me, and i'm rather offended by that.

    Right. Well, er.. you knew I was joking, right?




    Sorry, every time I get called a liar I have this burning urge to quote 'Ocean's Eleven'.


    So, who are you again?

    I'm Trenn, I used to post on the board under the name of 'Wuffles'.

    Ah - Wuffles. Welcome back!

    Um. Thank you. (Gets up and makes a move for the door).

    Wait a minute! Isn't there something else you should tell your adoring fans?

    Er, no..

    Yes! You know, about the thing, with that person, in the place.

    Oh! Yes, i'm Jaz's brother. Guess that's my claim to fame!

    Well, happy posting..


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