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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by hello, May 15, 2004.

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    i've had a long and sordid history with this university.

    maybe 15 years ago, i attended a class here,
    (i don't exactly remember the circumstances)
    as part of a children's outreach sort of thing.
    (crayons and construction paper were used).

    both of my two older brothers have been to and graduated from
    the University of South Florida. and since then,
    they've both become spectacular successes in their fields.
    (one works in city government and plans the growth of metropolises,
    the other aspires to nothing and henceforth goes nowhere...
    both are successes, mind you)

    for a whole year (2001-2002), i lived across the street
    from this university, while not actually attending it.
    i went through many horrors and ecstasies on USF's doorstep,
    and did everything but be a student there. i spent time in the library,
    roamed the campus for political or random personal reasons, spent money,
    met people, did drugs, and lived the complete college lifestyle, without
    ever going to a single class.

    AND NOW........

    i have nearly completed my Associates Degree, and i have applied to
    the University of South Florida. I've already been accepted for on-campus
    housing (which saves me thousands of $$$), and i'm just waiting to
    hear back from the admissions office... it should happen next week.

    but let me really outline the significance of this.
    until maybe last year, i saw no future for myself, and i didn't care
    about anything except having enough drugs. i am very serious about this.
    my acceptance to this university represents the biggest step i've ever made,
    yet in my life. it means the next few years of my life are planned out,
    and furthermore, i see my future shaping up, and it looks GOOD.

    i am hoping you can feel how important this is to me.
    i'm turning a corner on the road to recovery here...
    just thought i'd share it with you ;)

    USF anyone??? :p
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    i'm familliar with usf. i live just an hour north of it(hernando county). i'm a freshman at phcc and am toying with the idea of going there. i've heard mixed reviews, so tell me how it goes.
    i wish you the best of luck on your journey. remember to turn around and take a look at the path you've traveled every now and again.
  3. hello

    hello ~*resonance*~

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    thanks for the good words :)

    yeah, USF is crazy. i've been accepted for on-campus housing, but i haven't been admitted as a student. does not make sense... haha

    just waiting for things to happen. after this summer at the local community college, things have no choice but to happen...
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    don't mean to rain on your parade but USF sucks donkeyass.

    The financial aid office works on one thing: diligently attempting to destroy any possibility you have of obtaining $$.

    The school has invested alot of money over the past 3 years giving "incentives" to excellent tenured profs to LEAVE USF. It's beneficial for the school to have more adjuncts and less tenured porfs because they don't have to provide benefits to the adjuncts. Also, Judy Genshaft (Jeb Bush's ass-kissing lackey & the president of USF) can weild greater control over the behavior of the professors and restrict their rights to academic freedom & free speech if the profs have ZERO assurance of retaining their jobs. Just check out the cover of today's Oracle for proof.

    Several depts are losing significant funding each year, including Art, Theater, Music, Women's Studies & Africana Studies.

    And if that weren't enough, the student body is becoming significantly more conservative with each passing year and Student Activites does everything in their power to undermine the work of progressive political organizations on campus. I was the pres of Amnesty and the Student Labor Action Project there this past year and ran into one raodblock after another for even the most basic things, like reserving a room for meetings.

    I just finished my Women's Studies BA and am transferring to Arizona State to complete my art degree because I just can't put up with the shoddy programs here any more.
    I hope you have better luck than I have.

    - brody
  5. dharmagrrl

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    If I never have to see USf again...

    Congratulations on getting your life together. But I can only hope that you are looking to obtain a degree in anything outside of the social sciences. Good Luck!
  6. hello

    hello ~*resonance*~

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    actually, i'm going into Education. which i believe is still something of a high priority at USF. i hope so anyways...

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