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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by young-couple, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. young-couple

    young-couple Guest

    Ok so I have the house all to my self when my family go away on holiday, yes they are leaving me behind, its a bit like home alone only Kevin was too young and single to get the best use out of that free house lol... so I created this account for my GF and I to get some tips on new things to try when we are all alone for a full week!! :D and obviously shower sex is on the list of things to do lol but we want everyone's advice on what we should get up to as we don't want any min going to waste heheh :)

    Thanks folks!!
  2. Pink-Zeppelin

    Pink-Zeppelin Member

    Kama Sutra
  3. young-couple

    young-couple Guest

    thanks pink-Zeppelin.

    do you have any suggestions of things that we could try with each other or what we could do to each other?
  4. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Have you ever tried to roll a joint while getting a blow job?
  5. silk896

    silk896 Member

    Make a list of "to do's" on the first day and work through them.
    You may discover your respective limits.

    But above all - enjoy yourselves.
  6. Willy Blue

    Willy Blue Senior Member

    I always find a good old game of Monopoly really good fun.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter


    Cheers Glen.
  8. TheGhost

    TheGhost Auuhhhhmm ...

    Sir, you just made my day. :rofl:
  9. Insignia

    Insignia Member

    Take turns a piece, at everything, and dont repeat anything...
    If your not sure, do it anyway, No, is always a good understanding...havd fun..
  10. Roll a joint with left hand, balance the monopoly board with right hand...while getting a blowjob

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    This Has To Be The New Definition Of "Multi-Tasking"...[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.
  12. young-couple

    young-couple Guest

    thanks we have a few things we are going to do, both sexual and just random lol what is the one thing you have always wanted to do but never had the chance or whats the one thing u love to do anytime you can?

    thanks :)
  13. bigdaddyo

    bigdaddyo Member

    I have always wanted a 3some but lately a MMF has been the 3some of fantasy. My wife has expressed she would love to have 2 cocks at the same time. I approached a buddy an couple months back about joining us but he declined. I really like the idea of fuck her in the ass while another man fucks her pussy.
    Good luck with your week alone.
  14. jimandjan

    jimandjan Member

    Risky Business is a movie you might try using, some of the plot. Have a hooker working out of the home. Get really wild see if your gf, might turn a few tricks.

    Invite a few friends over for an orgy. All kinds of possibilities. Try not to trash the place.
  15. TheGhost

    TheGhost Auuhhhhmm ...

    :rofl: :smilielol5:
  16. wobs

    wobs Senior Member

    just go for it sex all round the house,be naked and ready for sex all week
  17. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    Fuck on every surface in the house
    eat her out
    get a blowjob
    have sex while stoned
    have sex while drunk
    role play
    watch movies
    cuddle while naked
    make a porn for your own enjoyment
  18. Joshoa

    Joshoa Member

    Take a bath or shower so you are both really clean, then take turns licking, sucking and kissing every inch of each others bodies, including sucking fingers, licking between the toes, buttocks and anus as well as the usual sexual organs.

    Take turns, tie one partner spread eagled to the bed, blindfold them and then tease and stroke their body with feathers, soft fur, velvet, gently spank and pinch them until their skin tingles, get them aroused then give them oral sex until they cum.
  19. ariekanibalie

    ariekanibalie Member

    Depending on how secure you two are together, you might consider adding someBDSM flavor to the mix. Explain how you love her and want to know that she trusts you, and that what would really do it for you is if she'd let you tie her up, preferably in your parents' bedroom.

    Then exit the room, only to return with Mr. Mandingo and a video camera. Then kick back and relax, smoking a quality cuban cigar; enjoy the show.

    Mind you, this is an advanced move, and not everyone's cup of tea. If you suspect your girl to be a little more conservative, just enjoy the vanilla sex without the stress of being caught in the act by other family members.
  20. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    That's sounds like the type of things I would do as well.

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