M'Dears, Love from Columbia Missouri

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by psycho-snake, May 17, 2013.

  1. psycho-snake

    psycho-snake Guest

    My name is Meng, I'm originally from Beijing, China. Now I live in Columbia Missouri, a magical little town. :sunny:

    I am water, moisten the nooks and crannies of my secret emotion, washing away the stains of my fear and anxiety, adapting the twists and turns of new conditions, and dripping on the hardest rock until wearing it away.

    I am fire, burning away the bushes of confusion that keep me out of my destination, warming up a cold heart of a hopeless neighbor, kindling the mountain field to see which way to go, and cooking the raw egg of life until it forms the enlightened yoke.

    I am air, generating a brisk silent breeze, knocking on soundless pine leaves, and resonate with delightful tune.

    I am earth, bearing solid soil like my still will that washed by rain, stroke by wind and burnt by fire but persist to carry on.


    Nice to meet any and all of you. Add me @ mengren1013@yahoo.com

    ps. Looking for acid. :afro:
  2. silentsound

    silentsound Member

    u are the universe :)
  3. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    Welcome :ssmokeit:
  4. What an absolutely beautiful intro. I live about 4 hours from Columbia. :)
  5. psycho-snake

    psycho-snake Guest

    :juggle::drummer::tree:Thank you!

    Snow, 4 hours from Columbia is where? We should meet up some time!
  6. psycho-snake

    psycho-snake Guest

  7. I would PM you but you don't have that option yet :( I'd rather not put my exact location here publicly for privacy reasons. But I would be more than happy to tell you in private, either through email or facebook. My facebook link is in my "contact info" on my profile if you want to add me. :)
  8. psycho-snake

    psycho-snake Guest

    Need a ride from Columbia to Thomasville MO for the reginal rainbow gathering!

  9. psycho-snake

    psycho-snake Guest

    Missed the rainbow gathering but harvest a volunteer opportunity at Columbia local radio station KOPN. As long as there's a rainbow across your heart, it's rainbow gathering everywhere!

    Love you all.

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