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    i'm proud of this'un so be nice :)

    now as cloud melts in my hair
    filling interest, filling dispair
    hope is green
    need is full
    i wish and wish
    never consoled
    the reciprocate now illusive as ever
    disappearing within, rive and sever
    now hands reach out from all sides of mind
    hoping to catch a cord of some deliverence
    my enfolding layers - melting and mold
    making my story as yet untold
    the texture furfilling - green and transient
    wavering refract - distract distract
    bright upon the eye, piecing soul
    anguish slowly feeding the soil
    finally something fertile reaches up - for help
    the youthful shoot a true beginning
    new tissue shaped, of understanding and kindness
    transpiring the sorrow of longing discontent
    slowly the atmosphere fills
    all the distress of the world
    filling the outer layers
    with the sadness of old
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    you should be!

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