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Discussion in 'Alternative and Indie Music' started by shameliss, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. shameliss

    shameliss Guest

    It's not my Band, but a band in my local city whom I'm a major fan of. They only have a little sample of the one song right now but their trying to Crowd fund the debut album as Maudes Wagon here **they've been around in one shape or another since 1992.

    Years ago two of the guys were involved with Stript Stone who won a recording contract back in 1997 - but I'm not sure what happened there. Their awesome, I've seen them live dozens of times - can't wait for the album - help support this awesome Idie band if you can or at least spread the word and like them on facebook! Thanks
  2. offset

    offset Senior Member

    Just checked out ther 2 vids on their homepage and I must say they impressed me. They sound like Spin Doctors meets MW of course:):)......thanx:)

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