MattInVegas hugs another tree.

Discussion in 'The Environment' started by MattInVegas, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. MattInVegas

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    My last campaign ,was a set of twin pines that were dying of thirst. NOW thriving, thus enhancing the atmosphere of a local german restaurant. Mom & Pop type establishment. Cash & Respect, both accepted.
    I saved two trees. Made a difference. My reward has come. For three days, I've been Illegaly watering the Cherry tree outside my door. Guess what! We expect rain this week!
    I would like to think that Rain is Gods hand helping me help this tree.
  2. crispy_creme

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    were you saving and using your waste water for the tree?
  3. Fractual_

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    LOL right on matt. you keep caring for those trees, maybe even plant some. its feels so good doesnt it? try talking to them next time. is it a fruiting cherry tree???and why is it illegal to water it?

    and it doesnt really matter if hes using tap water.. water is a plentiful plentiful resource in america, even if its hard to find a source that doesnt have traces of dangerous alimunim byproducts, animal manure, prozac, viagra or pesticides. its not like were stealing water from starving children in africa to get ours. it does save him a little cash though and any plant does prefer chemical-free rain water, any gardener will verify that for you. even if its put in some kind of container and saved for a few days. not sure how long i ttakes to expire if at all, but i did have some houseplants in soil i saved dug up from my yard and some old rain water spawned some sort of mold on my plants and killed them. dont think it did it with domestic soil though.
  4. strange 1

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    I'm sure you will have good karma for helping out those trees. More people should care like you do. Maybe if they did, our air would be a little bit cleaner. Trees are very important.
  5. Sus

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    Good for you, Matt!!
  6. TrippinBTM

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    No offense dude, but it's kinda dumb to be putting trees in a desert. You should try supporting native wildlife, because trees really don't belong in the Nevada desert, no more than green lawns.

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