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    going back to 1400 the numbers come out to only a little over twice. as it states in the picture. thats really not all that crazy. keep in mind the idea in the picture is just that.. an idea. in reality over the course of 600 years there is enough cases of ya know this person is younger than that person when they had a kid.. or this person had a kid when they were 15 and this person had a kid when they were 35 etc etc etc so taking all that into account you can see how it works out. the picture assumes too much.
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    This just really makes my head swim...
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    notice it follows a binary pattern...2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512.....then comes 1024, 2048, etc.....
  5. It is 2013, so that graph is incorrect.
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    Well it is pretty interesting .

    The other factors are some gene pools become dominant thru better survival and family size, whilst others may be poor survivors/ killed off or fail to reproduce.

    So the notion is not far fetched at all.
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    i'm interested in learning about my family history, do you know any good resources to get started? all the online services seem to require payment, i'm willing to do my own digging, im just not sure where to begin.

    to be fair, i've not really tried yet, it was just an idle sort of fancy.
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    I've researched, and got to 1800s, all thanks to parish/church registers.
  9. I got even further back than that, somewhere in the 1600s. But that was only one of the possible hundreds of thousands of family lines. Pretty depressing if you think of it.
  10. Piaf

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    Why depressing?
  11. Because there are hundreds of thousands of unexplored family lines.

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