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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by Black_dicksneedlove2, May 8, 2013.

  1. Im looking for suggestions on inexpensive male masturbation toys. Ill be buying online today. Any recommendations. Also the same for a prostate massager. Thanks guys. Trying to spend 20 or under for each.
  2. The Tenga line of Eggs are pretty cheap. You basically open the egg, and there is a masturbation sleeve inside with varied ridges on it for added stimulation. For $20 you could get 2 of them, to see what you liked.

    As far as prostate massagers go, the Aneros line is absolutely awesome, but is out of your price range. Most of the Dr. Joel stuff would work well, my favorite being the Angled Massager. I like the thickness of it and the varied design along the shaft. Plus anything that vibrates can pretty much win me over any time.
  3. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    There's different categories of masturbation toys. Mainly those that are powered, those for insertion, or those for straightforward masturbation.

    The FleshLight has to be the best one to go for as far as the basic masturbation toys are concerned. It's probably also the one with the best reputation in its category.

    The FleshLight is made up of a very realistic silicone material, with a choice of inner textures. Once you have the casing you can also purchase additional inserts to increase variety.

    There is also the Sex In A Can, which is part of the FleshLight range, although I would advise caution here, depending on your girth. Although I find my FleshLight to be ideal for my purposes, I decided to try a SIAC, which was a disappointment, as I soon found my overly generous 6½" girth wouldn't even fit into the outer casing, let alone the insert. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a lesser girth, then the SIAC could be the ideal choice for you.

    Prices for the FleshLight & SIAC vary depending on where you purchase them but, in my opinion, are well worth the investment.
  4. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Go to your DIY hardware store & buy some stainless steel rings in various sizes.
    Then use plenty of lube on them & push your penis in & out of them either just 1 ring at a time or a few more. Don't buy any that may be too tight fitting thou.
    They usually mention the inside diameter on the packet. I use some that are much cheaper than those made & sold thru sex toy stores or websites.
    These rings can be used not just on the penis but also over the scrotum sack & penis at the same time if you find one just the right fit when you have an erection. It is easy place a ring over the penis & scrotum if done carefully & when you are placid.
  5. I've tried maybe a dozen or so different toys over the years and the best bang for my buck was the Sue Joahanson Head Honcho. In some ways better than a Fleshlight and at a small fraction of the cost at $14-20.

    Also, by far the best deals I've ever found on toys were through -- I managed to find some online coupons and bought a whole box of different jackoff toys and some lube from them for under $50 a while back. also has some great user reviews for this stuff that I've found I can usually trust. (I left one of the Head Honcho reviews there, BTW.)

    I also HIGHLY recommend the "Super Mondo Ball" non-sex toy found at standard toy stores and online and runs under $10. Nothing else quite like it. I found out about that one through -- if you can't find info there or otherwise need more more details and tips, I can post.

    Hmm, I think I'd better go get the Head Honcho out of the closet...
  6. Addendum to the earlier post -- so I pulled out the Head Honcho again for the first time in months. In that time, the gel material had actually started to really split apart where there were some areas where it started to tear during some aggressive previous sessions. Tonight's session proved its last and it ended up in the trash can in pieces.

    Still, back in the day, that thing and I had a lot great times together, and it gave all it had for one last big orgasm with me tonight. But I think I got my money's worth since I bought it about 18 months back and will probably buy another one at some point.
  7. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    Tenga fliphole...
  8. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    I had a similar problem with my first FleshLight insert, as I have a rather generous girth. However, I replaced the Standard diameter torn one with a Ultra Tight one, which seems to have fixed the problem.

    I believe the reason for this to be the thickness of the silicone material from the outer edge to the inner edge, where the Standard diameter is obviously less than that of the Ultra Tight one (think of it like a toilet roll - assuming the outer diameter remains constant, if the central cardboard core roll is made smaller, you're going to get a lot more paper on the roll), thus giving it greater strength overall.
  9. I think the main reason the Head Honcho tore/split was that I'd turned it inside out a few times to clean it. (it's not open-ended like a Fleshlight.) Also, because I used it in my hand, I think it got roughed up a bit over time.

    Did you use that first Fleshlight in the plastic case or in your hand? For reasons described above, I'd be first inclined to blame handheld wear and tear in your situation.

    I'd think your girth wouldn't be the cause unless you've got a dick so freaky thick that the Fleshlight insert is stretched to the point where it's pushed so tight against the inside walls of the case that the case would crack eventually. But if you DO have a dick THAT freaky thick, you have my respect and admiration. :D
  10. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    I've always used the outer plastic case.

    My Girth is 6½", which, far from requiring admiration, can bring about its own source of problems. As well as making it painful for some women when it comes to straightforward Vaginal Sex, penetration when it comes to Anal Sex can be even more of a problem. Plus, as specified in my previous post, means I can't fit into a SIAC at all, making that a total waste of money for me.
  11. Whoa, it IS *that* big -- that's pretty much the diameter of the narrow end of a Fleshlight case!

    I'm pretty much the statistical dead center of what's said to be average size, so definitely don't have to worry about those sorts of problems. I've heard those studies where women say, if size matters, they prefer more girth than length, but I suppose there are limits.

    Even with a cock my size, I find that the Ultra Tight Fleshlight can actually make me kind of sore with a lot prolonged sessions and I only use it on limited occasions. Hopefully that hasn't posed a problem for you too since that's otherwise the sleeve that seems to work.

    Because it's not anything you shove your shaft into and more of a weird slippery material that you stretch around your dick with your hand, I'd think those Tenga eggs would be a great toy for you. Ever tried those?
  12. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    With plenty of lube, the FleshLight is the most realistic there is, although due to my meds I can't always manage a climax with it & have to resort to fully manual.
  13. The Tenga Egg is definitely not "realistic" to me (again, "nothing else like it") but is more like a weird lube membrane that stretches around your member as you stroke with it -- and it has a crazy amount of "stretch" that I'd think should even accommodate you. For me it's just a different twist on "manual" and not trying to be a vagina simulator.

    Particularly based on everything you've said, I think you really might want to check them out if you haven't already. Down-side: although I got a few uses out of mine, they're sold as "single use" and definitely not long-term durable. Up-side: they're fairly inexpensive.
  14. kp2640

    kp2640 Member

    I can't speak to masturbators - never tried one, always just used my hand and instead spent my toy money on other stuff. I have tried a number of vibes and plugs. For me one of the best was a two-speed cheap, waterproof anal t with an egg vibe inside and a AA battery inside. I stumbled on it when I was looking for something in a shop when I was traveling and realized that I forgot to pack a toy. It became my favorite and I finally wore it out. Was great in the shower!

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