mastrubation and addiction?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Jetblack, May 10, 2004.

  1. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    ok im only 16 so im still kinda "young" or just at that age where sex starst becoming a thing in most guys lives. although im still a virgin i like mastrubating alot like im starting to think i like seriously have a problem like im addicted to it like being addicted to drugs. i need to do it int he morning or else its all i think about during the days and i do it almost constantly wen my parents ar enot home ( even when they r home when im desperate) sometimes ive mastrubated 10+ times in a day sometimes i mastrubate so much it gets to the point were i dont ejaculate sometimes any1 else have this issue or any1 thinkt hat mastrubation IS addicting?
  2. Graham

    Graham Member

    everybody does it mate, if your addicted so is 99% of the population.... and 16 year old boys.. how many more hormones can you have :p
  3. luckyalder

    luckyalder Member

    i mean, relax dude. Its not like youre gonna OD on jizzing.
    do what you gotta, and when you get it out of your system, its all good. take life at your pace. its for a reason.
  4. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    sweet some1 understands me!!!! yay!!!! im not alone
  5. God

    God Member

    I understand you, son.
  6. Tamee

    Tamee naked

    masturbation and the female orgasm are awesome.
  7. migle

    migle Senior Member

    yeah i envy you girls, your orgasms are amazing not like boys that it's just some moments, that's why i got into tantra to try to get women orgasms and you can get unbelievable levels.
  8. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    They have to work harder though and cant always make it.

    True story though. I have a friend who works with the fire department. They recieved a call about a smell from the neighbors and he was pissed cause thats not his job. So they have to break in the door and this fat dude is laying dead and naked on the floor. Aparentlly what happened as he was jacking off and had a stroke from over-exhertion.
    Aint that a bitch?
  9. Incubus

    Incubus Banned

    hahaha dude that is some funny shit! lunacy

    hEY JETblack dont worry dude i thought i had a problem too, and i jacked off so much when i was supposed to jizz a flag that had "bang" written on it shot out! LOL but fo real bro just let the jiz flow aint nobody buggin. but you oughta find a slutty girl so u can feel what a pussy is like even if u only get to bang her, I was laid right when i turned 16 so ur on deck nigga
  10. eirek

    eirek Guest

    hi everyone
  11. CckBlocking

    CckBlocking Member

    If you have a gf who doesn't want to have sex you are probably doing her a favor by jacking off a lot. That way you are not always bugging her for head or something. That does get annoying after a while.
  12. There's nothing wrong with masturbation, everybody does it, its just no one talks about it to quote "Cruel Intentions".

    I've jerked the gerkin a few times. It helps. What can I say?

    But be very clean about it. Wash your hands afterwards, you don't want to shake hands with someone and give them sticky palms. ;)
  13. Mintaoism

    Mintaoism Member

    10x a day? i can't get it up ten times a day..well maybe a I can.. but thats not the point. I used to have about 5 wanks a week when I was 17. After i had sex about twice i kinda didn't do it as much. I can't get no action these days... :(

    maybe i should go back to the old days..
  14. Sailor

    Sailor Member

    After my girlfriend broke up, I've been doing it at least 4 times a day. I don't find anything wrong with that (even though I used to), 'cause I learn a lot about how I like to be touched as I masturbate. This will deffinitely come in handy in a future realtionship.
    The only problem with masturbating several times a day is that I tend to get sore. But I guess that's part of the whole experience aswell : )
  15. Yeah, with me really heavy orgasms make the pipes sore. I just let them rest for four hours of so and then continue my routine.
  16. Madmouse

    Madmouse Member

    Hell the palm sisters are my best friends dude. Everyone does it so enjoy little bro enjoy
  17. torz

    torz Member

    your 16, hormorns are running every where, feeling horney as fuck, exploring sexual nature, so i'm not suprised that your wanking many times a day, there is nothing wrong with you love. its a well knowen fact that wanking is good for you, ejaculating is good for you, keeps the pipes clean & in good working order. also, i've read some of these posts, dont let anyone push you in to having sex, dont think that is some thing worth loosing so quick, that it will make you a man or make you more popular with friends etc, if you do this you will so regrete it. i lost my virginity at an early age, i regrete it. dont do it untill you feel ready, i'm not saying wait till your married or anything like that, just wait till you have a gf that your really happy with as this will make your first time really special.
  18. sm0key42o8

    sm0key42o8 Senior Member

    If you dont expell your cum, it will deteriate anyway, so like i always say,

    let it fly so it wont die...
  19. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    I used to be really addicted, like the threadstarter. I think I'm starting to get over it. I'm at like 3 times a day, but each time I do it, I do it 2, maybe 3 times in a row. But I see it as three times a day. Eventually you'll start to forget about. You get caught up in other stuff and you don't even bother.

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