Married Women Having Sex At Work

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Cashtwenty2, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Cashtwenty2

    Cashtwenty2 Member

    Anyone ever have sex at work? I was fucking 2 different women on a daily basis for several years. One was married and a few years older than me the other was single and a lot younger. They both loved to fuck and had no limitations. We fucked on the job in the office and away from work. They never really knew I was screwing the other although they often wondered. Sure as hell made for some interesting days. I rarely dreaded getting up and going to work. I wonder how many of you women married or single have sex with someone at work?
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  2. Lvlygrl

    Lvlygrl Member

    Most people drag their asses to work but u go happily...bonus for u. [​IMG]
    I've had sex a couple of time at work. Sex good.......the guy, bad.
    I'm very flirty and I had sex with my boss(he was so hot [​IMG] ) but it really did backfire on me. If the other guys at work would flirt, he'd get so mad. Not sure why he acted like that, we were never exclusive, just quick fuck between 2 people.
    The other one...haha another one of my bosses. Huh, I'm thinking I see a pattern going on here.Lol

    Do u think any of these women might have feelings for u?
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  3. olderndirt

    olderndirt Member

    My wife's only sex partners after we got married were men she met at work, sales reps who called on her office. She never did anything during working hours, but she got with them after an office happy hour or at conventions.
  4. Lvlygrl

    Lvlygrl Member

    You two were married when she slept with these guys?
  5. olderndirt

    olderndirt Member

    Yes. We were going through a phase when we decided to let each other have sex with others. She tried it a couple of times and that was all.
  6. undefeated

    undefeated Member

    the single girl i dont see a problem with.....the married girl is just wrong. if i was married and my wife was fucking her coworker and i found out i would put a bullet in his head..nah not really but i would divorce her. i hope to one day find a nice girl who is not a slut and %100 faithful..nowadays thats like asking for too much.
  8. What about you? Are you okay with her having sex with others?
  9. olderndirt

    olderndirt Member

    Yes. At that time we were experimenting, and it was fine with both of us. We decided it wasn't something we wanted to continue, so we stopped completely. That was 20 or so years ago, and our relationship with each other never suffered.
  10. Cashtwenty2

    Cashtwenty2 Member

    Most days I was happy to get up and go to work lol. The younger girl was unmarried and we had a pretty sexual relationship for a few years on and off the job. Eventually we both had feelings for each other. The older girl was hired and she was hot as well. We clicked right away as she was a big flirt and unhappily married. Started out as just awesome sex. She'd give me oral on a daily basis. I'd bend her over the desk for some quick heart pounding action. Some days she'd say fuck my ass baby and I couldn't resist! Damn. I fell in love but like you it backfired eventually. Too many people talking and getting in our business. I left the job. It was fun while it lasted. So where is it that you're working? Lol just kidding!!
  11. silk896

    silk896 Member

    working in schools - it's not even a thinkable option - esp with other staff embers.

    I follow the old adage: A bird never s***s in its own nest.

    There's plenty of other places out there, although I have never worked in the corporate/office scenario.
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  12. Cashtwenty2

    Cashtwenty2 Member

    its the fact that you might get caught that makes it so interesting. You should try it. Lol! Something about the risk. We'd talk, text and email most of the morning about what we were gonna do to one another. The building up made it so damn explosive! Be careful though,it's hard to stop once you get started! Haha.
  13. Arlene Foxy

    Arlene Foxy Member

    At my last job I had sex with my manager to get a promotion and a few months later slept with the c.e.o numerous times till he made the manager of the department and demoted the initial manager I slept with. It only lasted for 3 months though and people were talking about the boss screwing me in his office so before it got to husbands ears I resigned. At my current work place I have had sex with my boss twice in his office and the benefits are a decent salary and working hours. Unfortunately it's a reality. We as women may be looked at cheap but the truth is for a few hours of protected sex I've secured my job.
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  14. weysally

    weysally Member

    when you and your wife were enjoying this sexual freedom did the thoughts of sharing or swapping enter into it, John and I did MFM threesomes, loved it then and still do,
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  15. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i guess if doing your job well is out of the question, this would be a decent backup plan.
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  16. Jennysam

    Jennysam New Member

    we had been married nearly 5 years when i told Sam there was a guy at work called Vinny (not real name) who had started flirting with me, i.m a massive flirt myself and love a bit of office banter with the fellas ,i asked him if he was ok with me teasing him a bit and that he'd probably run a mile if i responded with anything more daring.!!

    I couldn't have been more wrong if i tried because after flirting for a while , about 2 months i think ,it suddenly got steamier and we were texting all sorts of things ,it started with him sending a picture of himself in the shower , he looked huge even soft ,Sam had seen & read everything we had sent to each over and when i showed him how large Vinnys cock was in the shower picture , he started to push me more and more as he had always hoped he could see me fucking someone with a huge cock , i would send vinny pics from the ladies of my hand in my knickers and then more with my knickers pulled to the side and me playing with my self for him , Sam came up with a request game where we each got turns of requesting the theme of the pictures or videos , i had told Vinny early on that Sam was aware what was going on, told him he knew we had snogged in the lift at work and that he knew when he had his hand in my knickers and had slipped a finger in me when the office had gone out for a xmas party and we nipped down a dark alley, Sam actually loved that and fucked me really hard when i was telling him what happened , vinny was a bit shocked at first and even a bit worried , Sam's build and looks are quite intimidating if you don,t know him but he's nothing like that at all , once vinny had come to terms with it , he was fine, Vinny then one day asked if he could take me to a music festival with a couple of his friends , i asked Sam and he said ok , he was hoping something would happen ,and so were we but nearer the time one of my friends heard i was going and asked to comee then the driver who was taking us dropped out , it was all going wrong , but then my dad said he would drive us to the festival and pick us up after , Sam actually asked my dad to give Vinny a lift , he told my dad he was going to go also but didnt like the bands on and gave Vinny his ticket , telling my dad Vinny was a pal of his to make it not look weird. Anyway my friend ended up with Vinny's friend who he met at the festival , i was giving vinny a quick kiss when my friend spotted me , she said not to worry and that she would not tell Sam and to go for it . She had no idea sam knew all about it already and i thought it would be fun not to let her know that , Sam has a thing he likes ,he gets a buzz when he knows somebody has tried to get a grip of me and thinks he doesnt know about it , but he does know and they have no clue , we seen an ex of mine once on a night out , every time sam went to the bar or toilet he would make straight for me , i told him to back off or he would end up hurt but when i told sam later he said i should have gone outside for a cig and if he followed i was to kiss him and let him have a squeeze if possible , this happened a few months later and sam still says he gets an hard on when he sees my ex out and about , he chats to him knowing he thinks sam doesnt know and his smug as fuck , its just something he likes . Anyway , we later all found a secluded spot in the corner, it was behind the food stalls and generator things , i was kissing Vinny on the floor on a coat he had put down and,my friend was lay inches away with his friend , when i looked again she had her skirt pulled up and her pants were already gone,it was dark but a light from a food stall lit up our area just enough , as i looked , my friend opened her legs as her man was turning slightly trying to undoe his jeans & i caught a glimpse of my friends open lips, i could just make out her clit and i noticed little shimmers of light bounce off the wetness that was visible on her skin around her opening,as i looked away i then noticed my friend was looking directly in my eyes, she saw me , she looked down at her self , at her open lips and then just moved her eyes up into my eyes, she smiled , i nearly had a fucking orgasm i have never forgotten that second or two , vinny had slipped his fingers inside me and was also looking at me , he saw me looking at my friend but didnt catch the moment we shared (in later years i related every tiny detail to vinny & sam whilst i curled & slid my tongue around both of their cocks , they both shot loads and virtually together as i tried my best to swallow both , it was messy lol ,so i ended up being fucked by Vinny on the grass verge , it wasnt fantstic as he was a little drunk but still managed to stay hard and shoot his gallon of cum as he still does made up for it since though ha.
    my dad picked us up and dropped vinny at his home and then i went home with my friend who stayed at my house that night , we couldnt talk about it much because she thinks sam didnt know , but i would show him glimpses of my soaking wet knickers where Vinny's cum was still seeping out and running down my legs ,sam kept asking my friend little questions like " did none of you get chatted up etc, she didnt sound convincing at all haha , Sam loved the fact my dad picked me up full of vinnys cum and he chatted to him all the way home not knowing how naught his daughter had been minutes before.
    11 years later and vinny is still in our lives , after my husband Sam , hes my second longest relationship ha, only difference is, i have two men to love now and not just one , and everybody is happy as pie xx
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  17. olderndirt

    olderndirt Member

    She was free to have sex with anyone, but we were not going to involve people in our usual circle of friends. We didn't really consider swapping or her having sex with me in the room.
  18. Arlene Foxy

    Arlene Foxy Member

    Unfortunate that at times you can give of your best and know it's better than what is required but superiors just don't acknowledge it. Yet the same guy is the one we have to end doing sexual favors for in order to progress or get recognition.
  19. JoeyM51

    JoeyM51 Currently locked in chastity for the last 4 years.

    I have had sex at work three times. Once was with my wife. No problem. Just stay late until everyone leaves and do it on the floor, bent over a desk of the conference room table. Only had a problem once. We were having intercourse on the rug and the girl squirted and drench the rug in front of her. We just left it and figured that the cleaning people would take care of it.
  20. IrDave

    IrDave Member

    Neither me or my partner have had sex at work. But if she wanted to i really would not mind. If there was some guy she thought was hot and wanted to fuck I have openly encouraged her to do so if it happens. The only time i would get pissed off is if she started to form an actual relationship with another guy. If she stayed over at their house or dated them or anything like that I would flip out. But 2 people fucking for fun, I have no issues with.
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