Married Coulples: What Did Your Partner Wear To Bed On Your Wedding Night?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by nz male, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. buzzgunner

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    I was naked on our wedding night. My wife wore this breathtaking ankle-length, translucent white nightgown (even though I'd taken her virginity two years prior and we'd been fucking regularly ever since.)
  2. olderndirt

    olderndirt Member

    An extremely sexy white peignoir set. It was our first time having sex together, and we did it seven times before the next morning.
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  3. Gene London

    Gene London Member

    We had a pretty large and elegant wedding then went to an after party at her house that almost everyone from the wedding came to. We went up stairs to get changed and we consummated our marriage with her wedding dress half off and a house full of guests. Afterwards we said our goodbyes and went to a bed and breakfast for the night and she wore a sheer white negligee. It was perfect I would not have changed a thing! This time we went slower and really enjoyed ourselves but after that we realized that we had really not eaten all day so we went out for a burger dressed very casual. We told the waitress we just got married and got a look that was priceless.
  4. iamjustme

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    Marriage is give and take.
    She should give a little on this, and you should also...although it sounds like you have.
    Is she heavy? Does she make negative comments about her body? It may be a confidence problem. She may not like how she looks, and if that is true, and probably is, then you need to know this and realize though it may be a positive thing for you, it is not for her.
    If you are satisfied with your sex life other than this - my advice is to give up on this. It isn't worth it. You may be reiterating her bad feelings about her body.
    Just my $.02
  5. Gene London

    Gene London Member

    Lingerie is very challenging, I was laid off shortly before our anniversary one year and it scuttled any plans of a grand get away. It was shortly after our second child was born and I was freaking out about supporting my family but wanted to do something. I got her very sexy underclothes (lace bra, panties, garter belt and stockings) from VS and made reservations for the B&B we stayed in the night we got married. We went and had a nice meal and a romantic evening. I thought I did good but several months later I don't recall what brought it up but she referred to the VS stuff I got her as "Slut Wear".

    That was 17 years ago and I have not purchased anything like that for her since.

    Christmas she gets pajamas like your grandmother would wear.
  6. lmm00

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    I wore some sort of lacy white babydoll thing that someone bought me as a bridal shower present. It was probably on me for about 10 seconds. I haven’t worn anything like that since then. My husband is not really into stereotypical sexy lingerie. We do a lot of role playing so my sexy clothes are stuff like short skirts and knee socks.
    I might wear the white thing tonight for fun. It’s been over 15 years since he saw it last. Lol
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  7. Deejay88

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    Well your going to have a good night make sure he don’t rip them off just move it to the side lol
  8. MikeE

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    First time in bed with my wife after getting married:

    Well, we stopped at our hotel on the way to the reception, lay down and fell asleep and took an unintentional nap. Until her parents woke us up wondering where we were. (Odd thought process there "the young married couple isn't where they should be. Let's call their hotel and summon them.")
  9. granite45

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    Lime green lingerie That was in 1966. This Valentine’s Day she wanted a skimpy red teddy from VS! She is still a hottie and has a libido to match. The only difficulty is I have health issues that have made me totally impotent and every day I take finasteride which purges testosterone. Ain’t fair for either of us.

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