Marijuana should be flat out legal

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Marijuana' started by canibus420, May 29, 2007.

  1. canibus420

    canibus420 Member

    All the people against marijuana need to smoke it first, and notice what it does to do. Yes, it can make you a little dumber, but not greatly dumber, unless you were dumb to begin with. But once you smoke marijuana, you value life so much more, and you truly feel lucky to be alive. I think it is the greatest feeling in the world when you are high. You appreciate everything so much more, and you do not take advantage of any oppurtunities, and you finally start living. Who agrees marijuana makes you value life more?
  2. swazo

    swazo i am amazing.

    judging from the forum you posted in... uh everyone?
  3. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    i completely disagree marijuana should never be legal

    have you seen the films the gov't made about pot. It makes people crazy and commit crimes and all they think about is getting the next fix. One kid even killed his mother cause he was high.

    Marijuana is the devils drug.
  4. qwaszx45

    qwaszx45 Member

    agreed, i would never touch that shit
  5. X.Purify.X

    X.Purify.X Member

    Marijuana should be legal, Actually i believe anything that grows naturally shoud be legal. If it was legal it was cause much less gang violence.
  6. HalF_BaKed

    HalF_BaKed Member

    i think by making it ilegal its just making more teens wanting it because they feel cool by doing something illegal. if it was legal it would slow down a little with the younger ones i think.
  7. underground04

    underground04 Member

    not really. man, i could imagine instead of anti-weed ads there'd be campaigns to prevent underage chiefing put out by the major weed companies
    "good evening, this is smokey mcpot, president and CEO of mcpot-stoner. please help us put an end to underage chiefing. we need the cooperation of parents in this initiative. so dont buy your children bud, help prevent things like....umm bronchitis i guess ohh and short term memory loss"
  8. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    I don't see how any country that claims to be civilized could have alcohol legal and herb illegal. Makes no sense. Alcohol can kill and does kill thousands every year, herb never killed anybody.
  9. your against pot what the fuck is up with that. I'm 15 years old and i use it for ADD and ADHD also I use it for ODD it works wonders. If you ever fucking try the shit you woulkd understand what i mean. so why don't you go to the top of the statue of liberty and fucking dive of the fucker and put us through or missery. also why the fuck are you at a hippe forum if you are against pot.

    as Abbie Hoffman would say
    "Yippe power mother fucks!"
  10. LoveConquers

    LoveConquers Member

    Being a hippie is not about smoking pot dude.

    But thats off topic. I dunno I'm kinda torn on the issue. It'd be nice if it were legal but like...I dunno I'm sure there are some cons to legallizing it.
  11. JibberJabber

    JibberJabber Member

    I think the pros far outweigh the cons. Removing the whole black market aspect of the drug's distribution is a pretty big pro right off the bat. Helping people (like myself) with a medical condition (autoimmune, if you're curious) that could benefit from marijuana (but can't find it) is another big pro.

    Plus, as was mentioned already, given that pot can't kill you in an overdose, and doesn't destroy your body in any way or any rate like alcohol can, it should be legalized as it is the lesser of two evils.
  12. Ganja_Goo_Ninja

    Ganja_Goo_Ninja the penis mightier

    Should be legal, sure. But I don't think it ever will.. at least not until Uncle Sam can find a way tax the hell out of it while also controling it. And you can't control a plant that anybody and their grandpappy can grow.

    What they should do AT THE VERY LEAST is decriminalize it, so that poor people that get busted with a joint don't get fucked over for life because of it.
  13. niggzilla

    niggzilla Member

    have you ever heard of someone getting in a carwreck because they smoked weed?


    its always alcohol which is LEGAL
    wtf you can die from alcohol and you cant with bud.

  14. Archane

    Archane Member

    Weed would have to be 100% legal for me to be satisfied, no govornment control, no CORPORATE control, everyone can grow as much as they want and smoke what they like. Otherwise weed will just fall into the capitalist system, making it part of the biggest evil on the planet.
    As long as we are talking about legalising, LSD, shrooms and mescaline should all be 100% legal as well.
  15. EMAT101

    EMAT101 Member

  16. Astrofabrical

    Astrofabrical Senior Member

    It's funny. I got drunk for the first time the other day, and at the peak of my drunkness I thought to myself "Wow, how the fuck is pot illegal when this shit isn't". I could barely walk, and I knew I was acting stupid as a mofo. I just thought it was amazing how much more you're impaired by alcohol then weed.
  17. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Yes BUT there is no law that says you must drink till poo-poo'ed. I enjoy the taste of a good beer and can leave it at one (1) with dinner. No buzz, no impairment. Even a couple tokes gives most a buzz depending on their tolerance.
  18. ahahahhahha, o and you forgot its the GATEWAY DRUG
  19. cracker531

    cracker531 Member

    I think saying it's "the gateway drug" is a bit of bullshit. Sure, there is some truth to it but I see it as it being all about will power. If you're determined enough you'll stick with weed. I dunno though...

    But yeah, it should be legal.

    I agree with everyone who think it's insane because of the fact that alcohol is legal while weed is illegal. It's all because the government knows weed causes happiness and they want us to fight, fuck, and get stupid while drunk so we can reproduce and bring in more babies who might drink (which means more money for them) annnd then if you drink alot, you'll die.

    That's just my theory.
  20. OmgWtfBbq

    OmgWtfBbq Member

    its only a gateway drug because the gate is some of the dealers they have the ''gateway drugs'' and they buy it off them and if it was legal then you wouldnt have to deal with the gateway drugs because you would be buying it from a club or a store gateway drug is just stupid most pot dealers arent shady as the government wants everyone to think in the first place anyways

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