Marijuana and panic attacks....Important.

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Swat30, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Swat30

    Swat30 Member

    hey man, this happens to my girlfriend on occasion. ive taken her to the hospital twice since november because of panic attacks when shes high. But she also smokes almost every day of the week. I really think alot of it is just a mental thing.

    Also, it seems like when you smoke, you smoke ALOT. just try a bowl at a time. Give it 5 minutes after you smoke 1 bowl and you should be feelin pretty good. My GF usually only gets panic attacks when she smokes alot at a time (as in more than 1 or 2 bowls)
  2. TheJolta

    TheJolta Member

    Has this ever happened when you've smoked anything else like cigarettes? Maybe consider asking your doctor about it and just say it happens whenever you smoke a cigarette. If I was you I would be more cautious about this and get some expert's advice.
  3. Swat30

    Swat30 Member

    im thinkin you should just try 1 bowl per "session"
  4. TheJolta

    TheJolta Member

    That's weird. Does anything else do this to you? It does sound like it's mental to me but what the hell do I know. But ya stick to 1-2 bowls per sesh and stop smoking once you are high.

    Does any other substance do this to you? Like alcohol? Caffeine? Presciption Drugs?
  5. Tune_man420

    Tune_man420 Member

    those panic attacks were caused more than likely by a THC overdose so in other words you got way to high my gf always used to do this and I do it on ocasion because I like it but they can be fun scary fun the first couple of times .
  6. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    i had a buddy who puffed tuff nuggets for years, one day anxiety hit him and he had to stop pot. pot cant kill you, some people will get allergic reations though. i think your anxiety stems from other issues in you life, mnaybe even subconsious feelings of inadequacy, which is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. important not to freak yourself out about it, aas this can cause you compilcations. pot will amplify these feelings, make you more intouch and introspective about them. just be chill with it, take a 2 hits and wait a while, take two more and wait a while, see what your threshhold is for for feelin a lil buzzed with out gettin too antsy. all pot is varying potency, but not by too much, just take it slow and dont worry about things. you dont have anything to prove just try to enjoy yourself, maybe do some drawing, play a guitar, whatever you like.
  7. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    keep talkin like that and youll make it in my signature.
  8. balko

    balko Member

    2 bowls is a lot to you i must smoke a lot of

    But maybe you it. Really, it's a better high, much cleaner. Try it that way see what happens man.
  9. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    I think if you often have panic attacks when you smoke then you should consult a psychologist or something, because it might link in with possible psychological disease (as in, you might be subject to opening up dorman disease by taking drugs)

    but thats all i can say caus ive never experienced a panic attack. hmm i wonder how many have? *new thread*

    heres one for your signature

    Wayfaringstranger, your are a friendly, unique, ceaslessly kind, enojoyably ripe
  10. orgasmicbike

    orgasmicbike Member

    it is most likely to be a mental thing. if you keep on spazing about it. it can happen
  11. i went through a period of really bad anxiety attacks a few years when I stopped drinking alcohol the time i never smoked pot.
    now, i dont drink much anymore,i occasionally get anxiety feelings but never have attacks anymore and i smoke pretty much everyday
  12. humandraydel

    humandraydel Member

    hey bro, i wanted to chime in on the 1 bowl at a time method. wait a few minutes and if you need to, smoke more.

    also, something to think about...your lungs may be extremely sensitive to smoke and/or marijuana. i'm basically allergic to smoke, but i still smoke every day. typically if i smoke more than 2 bowls within...30 minutes i'll get that same tight chest feeling. of course, it really all depends on the quality of the pot.

    take it easy,

  13. Bob_Bong

    Bob_Bong Member

    I'm... I'm sorry.. did you just say... a THC Overdose?..... wtf are you dumb?
  14. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    no, bob, it is you who are the dumb one, sadly. Overdosing of a chemical does not require one to die, it merely requires one to have severe adverse effects due to the intake of whatever substance is overdosing. a panic attack that warrants a hospital visit is a severe adverse effect and is due to excessive intake of THC. The subjective nature of psychological episodes does not detract from the reality of possible over-dosing of weed.

    just look at the word 'Overdose' - Over your doseage, not 'LD:50' or something
  15. Bob_Bong

    Bob_Bong Member

    Is it not possible that these panic attacks are sparked by something else?
    I had a buddy who suffered from severe depression and panic attacks, so much so.. that he stole his parents car one weekend and went to quebec with a girl... When he smoked with me, he got antzy.. slightly paranoid because he was trying something that made him nervous.
    Don't assume it's the pot. Have you been tested for psychological disorders? do they run in the family?

    Things to consider

    The reason i respond the way i do to "THC overdose", is because an "Overdose of cannabis" is unheard of.

    But, it IS possible however that there were some effects that you certainly were not expecting.

    thc side effects... not overdose.
  16. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    what do you men dont assume its the pot? it doesnt matter if someone has a psychological disease or not, that just makes someone more susceptible to going over their dosage. The fact is that the effects come on during use of weed, not normally. therefor is is the weed that causes the reaction, regardless of the individual susceptability to psychological episodes
  17. Bob_Bong

    Bob_Bong Member

    So you'd agree with the statement "Weed Causes Panic Attacks" then?
  18. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    Psychological instability merely lowers the threshold of an individual's overdosage on weed
  19. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    Yes weed causes panic attacks [in people who are susceptable to panicing, subject to the environment they are in]. the added words to not stop the weed from causing panic attacks.

    its like saying if a dude shoots into a public area near a hot dog stand, killing all the people, and then claims its the man running the hot dog stall's fault for attracting all the people to the place you shot into. the amount of people merely makes it more likely for a story to get into the newspaper (have an overdose) while the cause was the man in the gun
  20. Bob_Bong

    Bob_Bong Member

    Ok, i'll agree with you somewhat. people that are susceptable to panic attacks COULD be provoked by weed... but that could happen if they were stuck in morning traffic.. or spilt thier coffee on themselves..

    I just strongly disagree with the statement "THC overdose"
    It's unheard of i tell ya!

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