Marc Emery Wants You to Make Canadian History on Monday in Vancouver

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    Help elect the first Green Party Member of Parliament, Dan Grice, if you live in Vancouver!

    Dan Grice is the anti-prohibitionist Green Party candidate in Vancouver-Quadra who is only 5.5% from winning the riding on Monday, March 17th. Electing Dan to Parliament would make Canadian history as the first Green Party member ever elected to Parliament! It can happen! The Liberal, Joyce Murray, in a poll released in newspapers today, has only 24.5% of the vote while close behind in second place is anti-prohibitionist Green Party candidate Dan Grice at 18.8%! (The Tory is at 17%, the NDP at 13%) There are 26% undecided -- the Green Party can win this riding! I want you to help make history happen on Monday night!

    I want you to tell ANYONE you know who lives in Vancouver-Quadra riding to vote on Monday for GREEN PARTY candidate DAN GRICE. Vancouver-Quadra is all of Vancouver between Burrard Inlet and Richmond, west of Arbutus from the water to 16th Ave., west of Oak St., from 16th to 41st, west of Granville from 41st to Marine Drive.

    If you live in that area, your vote is valuable! You can register to vote at the polling station in your neighbourhood when you vote Monday if you are unregistered. If you live anywhere in the Vancouver area, I need you to help out this weekend to deliver brochures, hold up signs, call voters. You can organize through the BC Marijuana Party, Jacob Hunter, at 604.632.1750. The BCMP has a new operating full-time BCMP office on the third floor of 307 West Hastings. BCMP will be helping out Dan by organizing volunteers to deliver door-hanger literature door to door in the riding on Saturday and Sunday. Please call Jacob 604.803.4085 if he doesn't answer the BCMP phone.


    Visit the following websites!

    Vote for a Green Future | Elect Dan Grice for Vancouver Quadra
    Green Party of Canada | Welcome - Bienvenue |

    If you want to call the Green Party office (next door to our office!) their number is 778-689-6666. Here is today's message from Green Party organizer Rob Hines.

    This is the Vancouver-Quadra riding, and includes UBC
    Rob Hines
    Organizer BC & North
    Green Party of Canada
    604 689 9200
    778 689 6666

    Are we ever excited! We just got the results of a survey of Vancouver Quadra voters and our candidate, Dan Grice, is in second place amongst decided voters. The Liberals are first at 24.5%. Dan is second at 18.8%, the Conservatives are third at 17.1% and the NDP fourth at 13.3% But there are still 26.2% of voters who are undecided.

    This poll was done last weekend -- before our leader Elizabeth May visited the riding and before Dan gained the endorsement as the by-election candidate of choice in the Georgia Straight (see the March 13th issue). We can turn Green-leaning people into Green voters. Dan could even win! But we need your help. Here's what needs to be done over the next three days:

    * We have over 1,000 names of Green and Green-leaning voters who we need to call this weekend and on Monday.
    * We need people to hand out flyers and wave signs on busy street corners
    * We need people to help on Election Day.
    * Donate even a small amount so Dan's campaign doesn't end up in the red - please do so at

    This is the final BIG PUSH prior to Election Day on March 17th. Dan needs your help to bring a stellar result for the party on what Elizabeth May has coined as Super Monday for the residents of Vancouver Quadra! Check out all the details below - and please call me at 778-689-6666 to participate.


    12PM to 5PM
    Sign waving and literature hand out at various locations.
    Even if you can attend for only a few hours, anything helps.

    The locations are:
    -Burrard Bridge, South Side
    -41st & East Boulevard in Kerrisdale
    -Broadway & MacDonald
    -W 10th Ave & Tolmie


    Meet us and City TV at campaign headquarters, 301-207 West Hastings to organize for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. We will be walking with signs, literature, and Irish smiles to the corner of Howe & Davie for the beginning of the parade.

    Walk across Burrard Bridge after the parade up to 4th and Vine (Capers)


    7AM - 6PM
    Sign waving at multiple locations

    -Burrard Bridge, South Side
    -41st & East Boulevard in Kerrisdale
    -Broadway & MacDonald
    -W 10th Ave & Tolmie

    Brief Training Session at 301-207 West Hastings for GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts

    9AM - 7PM
    Drivers and phone callers necessary to encourage voters to vote and transport them to the polls

    Vancouver Quadra Victory Party
    2505 West Broadway (Benny's Bagels)

    Spread the word to Canadians via other forums etc.

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