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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Leigh420, Jun 5, 2004.

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    i've been considering finding a psychic for a while, lately i feel really confused. liiiike - sometimes i'm completely confused about my religion, or like theres too many questions to be answered and never enough time. sometimes i feel very quiet when i wont speak to anyone for 2 or 3 days, and other times like tonight i'll stay on a message board posting in every category because i have so much to say. really i guess, my main concern is where is my life heading? what should i do? i feel i cant decide on my own :( i cant pick a profession i want, i'm having problems with trust in my boyfriend and our relationship (and who i should actually be dating) :( all i want is to travel because i think it'll make me happy, like i'll finally find a place i belong but once i return i'm just so depressed. if anyone can help i'd really love that.
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    Lost inside the game is a bit like playing twister when you are all naked, and covered with oil. This is about emotional attachments.

    Hi Leigh420

    Everyone looses focus, and sight of things from time to time. When we embrace the emotions, and not the lessons we get all mixed up, and begin to create habits, and patterens that are distructive.

    These can offer us excuses and seem so right at the time. The truth of the matter is we are seeking more out of co-dependence than out of a clear heart that is looking for its own center and truth.

    Its not wrong to have these moment and created drama' self distructive to dwell in them and make them a way of life.

    I spoke with a man who was building his own sail boat and he was doing a wonderful job. He spent so much time on the boat and the paint, and the design that just before the race he had to scurry around for a sail. He lost the race before he got out of the starting field. The boat that won the race was a bit tattered but had a hardy and whole sail. So often we get things back wards. The balance is important. Not lloking for the glories and the questions but finding the answers are inside your own truth and lessons "Not the emotions"

    So set some goals do your home work and follow through. Do not get side tracked with the rollarcoaster of emotions. Set your intent and clarity of heart. YOU ARE YOUR CHOICES. When life's storms hit you will be able to embrace them not tear apart like a haphazard sail. You came through to face the journey not its completion. You came through to learn how to face yourself and believe in yourself. You came through to find out how to love the child and godself within. Look at this as an adventure not as a punishment waiting for someone to save you. Save yourself and you win every time.
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    if your having problems trusting him you love him. if he loves you he remembers nothing negative about you. your best policy is to try and forget about him and see if he comes to you then try to ignore him and if he keeps trying to be with you he loves you.

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