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Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by zapte, May 23, 2007.

  1. zapte

    zapte Member

    hi, im reading this forum for a while and have to say nice place with a lot of info and experiences.
    for now i have some sort of a problem..
    my whife and i like my pubic(penis, balls, anus.. all except some styling) kept shaved.
    but im really lazy and was woundering if its possible to get rid of those nasty hair once for a longer period of a time. the only possibility seems to be waxing(or is there any other way??). sounds pretty scarry but mabey its worth it? does any man have experience on this?
    PS. forgive me my english, its my 3rd language
  2. stapler

    stapler Member

    I have used hair removal cream by VEET in the past. My girlfriend uses it so I decided to try it. You apply to the area (be careful of sensitive areas!!). Wait 10 minutes, then "shave" off in the shower. It's not really shaving, more wiping or scraping the hair off using the plastic "razor". I cant remember how long it lasted but it definitely was pain free and worth it for all the extra oral pleasure i received as a result!!

    Highly recommended!
  3. lionman80

    lionman80 Member

    damn that sounds scary!
  4. stapler

    stapler Member

    Ha ha!! It really isn't! I suffered absolutely zero pain whatsoever. (And BTW I dont work for VEET or anything like that-I used what my girlfriend used basically). It certainly was strange seeing big clumps of wirey pubic hair coming away so easily from my cock and balls! But I was very pleased with the results.

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