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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by rexton56, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. rexton56

    rexton56 Member

    Hi, I'm a 22 y.o. straight man and I've started masturbating anally. Once you get over the gay stigma associated with it, it really adds to the pleasure. I've gotten some averaged sized things up there, some travel-sized shampoo bottles and the like. I'm thinking about buying a small dildo or plug or other toy to use.

    I was wondering if any of you other guys who are really experienced with this could give me some advice as to which I should buy. And also, if once your hole gets really stretched, if there's any trouble holding in your waste.:rolleyes: I've seen a photo of someone with 2 fists up their ass, so I know it can get really stretched (even though I don't plan on stretching it anywhere near that much). And new techniques to enhace the experience.

    Any info would be helpful.
  2. saxsax

    saxsax Guest

    for a beginner buy a g spot vibrator or look for a male anal vibrator online. You want to press against the prostate that is what makes anal good.
  3. tommyhot

    tommyhot Member

    Here is a short tutorial I typed up a while back. It's how *I* learned..

    The key to this is to take your time and go slow. You learn how to control your butt and sphincter muscles. You learn how to RELAX THEM and you get used to the feeling of it all.
    Anal play for beginners

    Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor and I do NOT play one on TV. This is the way *I* learned how to discover anal play. As usual care needs to be practiced. GO VERY SLOWLY.

    First start off with a TRIMMED index finger. You may even want to put on a latex glove first to help make it even smoother. Use KY or the drug store brand of KY and lube the finger well. Place it VERY GENTLY near the anus and lightly circle the hole with the finger. DON'T INSERT YET. Just circle it for a few minutes. After a few minutes without insert, just put the finger over the anus and gently press a bit without entering. Just apply a bit of pressure.
    Do this over and over a few times and after a few minutes SLOWLY begin to insert JUST THE FINGER *TIP* in about a quarter of an inch then take it out. Do this a few times then go a LITTLE further in. Repeat this until you have you whole finger in. DO NOT FORCE IT, IF HE OR SHE OR YOU SAYS STOP, STOP!

    Within a week or so of trying this the person should be fairly used to the finger and inserting and pumping it in and out should become easy. Also try moving the finger around while inserted, back & forth,etc. Orgasms ARE VERY VERY INTENSE when you leave your finger or butt plug or dildo in.

    Soon you will want to try something slightly bigger than your finger. Try your middle finger or graduate to a SMALL butt plug. Same rules apply to the new toy as did with the finger. Start off using the finger as usual then after getting loose begin with the plug.
    Plugs have flared bottoms to prevent them from going all the way in. If you graduate to dildos later get ones with a flared base or ones that have the balls at the bottom. This prevents them from slipping all the way in. You don't need a trip to the ER to retrieve it, that would SUCK!
    After a while you will become very used to anal play and you won't need much time to prep for your session. You'll loosen up very quickly after you learn how to relax your anal muscles. It takes me less than 5 minutes to go from start to riding a 8 inch silicon dildo like a bucking bronco!

    The key to learning anal play/sex is to TAKE YOUR TIME.
  4. Biggles_Nude!

    Biggles_Nude! Hakuna matata.

    A-a-a shampoo bottle!? Ye Gods...
    Don't rush out and buy the latest and greatest. Start with 1 or 2 fingers in there. Definitely not 2 fists!!! I would suspect rectal damage doing that and bleeding, and bleeing around there can (by complication i.e. failure to heal) lead to bacterial sepsis (blood poisoning). One finger with vaseline or KY is fine for me, usually lying on tummy with leg spread wide and bum up (some guys may have trouble doing this: I've been an athelete for many years and can put my foot around my head without drama. And a final note: make sure you're clean before and after!
  5. Aine6923

    Aine6923 Member

    He said a "travel-sized" in other words the bottle's diameter can't be more then two fingers widths and about the length of a finger. :p

    But yeah, one of my friends has his own vibrating butt plug. I wouldn't know personally, seeing as I'm female, but he seems to *really* enjoy it. :)
  6. JoeBone

    JoeBone Member

    By all means, don't go shoving household items up your ass. You know those flanges our oversize bases on anal toys? That's so things don't get stuck in your rectum. I don't think you'd like a trip to the emergency room to have a shampoo bottle pulled from your ass with a pair of forceps.

    Another gem of common sense -- if it hurts, don't do it: Pain = damage.
  7. Cheetah Dude

    Cheetah Dude Guest

    I just tried my first time and felt like i was about to crap myself. will that go away with practice
  8. tommyhot

    tommyhot Member

    Yes it will. As you learn to relax your ass muscles.
  9. Cheetah Dude

    Cheetah Dude Guest

    Oh thank u...ive been all over the internet looking for that i been looking 2 days...

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