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Discussion in 'Musicians' started by BladeOfGrass, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. BladeOfGrass

    BladeOfGrass Guest

    I have been using a computer to make music since 1999. I have used quite a few different software music making software programs, and been through many computer upgrades. Been playing guitar for about 50 years. I am uploading a song I created using a backtrack ( i am playing guitar ) about a year ago.
    I guess the attachment didn't work......oh well.

    I do have some songs on soundclick.....

    Any other people making music with their computer?
  2. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    At the moment? No... I've been to busy doing other stuff. My studio stuff has taken a back seat.
  3. rado84

    rado84 Member

    I make music sometimes. I've made many more than these four bellow but they're my favorites.
  4. Here's my first studio in the early eighties.


    I finally moved up to Tracktion 4 from T3.

    Here's a mix of some old school techno I composed.

    Here's a rocking piece. I don't know the guy who made the video. He just liked the song.

    BladeOfGrass, Soundclick is telling me I'm missing a plug. I gave up on all Adobe software.
  5. magickman

    magickman Supporters HipForums Supporter

    I'm ready to try my hand @ this. Ought to be interesting, hopefully it will go that good.
  6. Jupiter7

    Jupiter7 New Member

    I've checked out your music man, it sounds awesome. Great guitar solos everywhere. :)
    I've also been making music for years. I have also used many software and right now I'm back to fruityloops. I like all their upgrades.
    I also have a page on soundclick, but I moved onto soundcloud.

    I've also started making vids and putting it on my youtube page. But all my stuff is on soundcloud. I miss, I wish they still had the old format. I had my first tracks I've ever made there. lol, it sounded horrible compare to how less
    horrible I sound now. Lol

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  7. Used to have Native Instruments something or other, Ableton Live 7 or some such, and Spectrasonics Omnisphere. But it never amounted to much. I never learned how to properly use Ableton, the NI stuff, or Omnisphere, despite how much time I spent tinkering with them. :)
  8. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    The Commodore 64 came with instructions for making a random music generator . I appreciate
    synth music that has a pure and simple relation to its machine itself . When she heard the music
    though , Mother took my Commadore away and refused to explain anything .
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  9. magickman

    magickman Supporters HipForums Supporter

    trying to decide which rig I want to try for this.
  10. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Finely hooked up all three monitors (screens) to the DAW system yesterday... and the second set of speakers to my far-field amp, soundcard installed too.

    Doesn't mean I've recorded anything though.
  11. What I learned from having ableton/omnisphere/native is you have to have a solid foundation in music to make good techno. and that I don't have one! :)
  12. Ged

    Ged Tits and Thigh Man. HipForums Supporter

    You can just use your imagination and come up with something new I think. There's lots of music that sounds the same. That's my philosophy.

    I recorded a few tracks in Logic that I'm reasonably pleased with, but am having to downgrade to Cubase LE as my Mac packed up.

    I'm not especially knowledgeable about music theory or technique, I've just listened to a lot of different stuff over the years. I tend to view it in pictorial terms, and in terms of layers of sound and frequencies, and vibes.

    Brian Eno's set of printed cards "Oblique Strategies", subtitled "Over One Hundred Useful Dilemmas", can be useful for non-musicians in overcoming creative blocks.
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  13. YungSAVi

    YungSAVi Musical Artist

    Yes, i do, I use a special software :)
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  14. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    I just got a beginning home recording set up. Once I get some downtime from work I'm going to learn how to use Ableton and ProTools.

    Rev J
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  15. Currently, I'm taking a class called introduction to music technology. Everything is on a Mac and we're using Logic. It's really interesting and pretty fun. Today I recorded a few "tracks" of guitar using a beat that was already on logic; basically me playing lead over myself harping on C Minor/Major7. :)
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  16. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

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  17. neonspectraltoast

    neonspectraltoast Best Member

    I lost my guitar. Someone gave me a chromebook I can do very little with, but I found a program it can run called audiotool and had at it a bit. I'm sure there are a lot more advanced computer generated music interfaces, but I work with what I've got.
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  18. YungSAVi

    YungSAVi Musical Artist

    My boyyy
  19. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    It's probably obsolete though, I remember making a few tunes with it.
  20. skip

    skip Founder Staff Member

    Yea! A thread I can participate in. :)
    I have lots to share in this field.
    I have produced a couple of commercial recordings (with help of course,) that were profitable.
    I used a Tascam 4 track mixer to combine words and music.
    The words I recorded with live actors playing rolls, and I mixed it with commercial licensed music from professional musicians who are friends.
    I also wrote most of the script.

    It's actually something I really enjoy doing, but it was a total of 6 hours of words and music and a hell of a lot of work and editing.
    The only thing I used a computer for at that time, was for writing the script.

    In the early 80s I purchased a number of electronic instruments (mostly yamaha) and setup a studio.
    So I had a separate drum machine, sequencer, and keyboard.
    I remember having to save settings from the Yamaha keyboard to cassette tapes!
    That was a fun system and I was able to midi it to record performances on my computer, and edit or load pre-existing tracks.

    Note: I'm not a musician, more of a technofile.
    I can play guitar and keyboards like an amateur would, but I'm good at hooking things together, having put together computer networks in the past.

    Anyway, my BIG news is I just setup a studio again after so many years!
    I got a relatively new Yamaha keyboard (maybe 4 yrs old now?), that i love!
    I've mastered most of it, except to save anything, esp. now that I have new software!

    OK, here's the deal folks, I did a lot of research and testing of software before I settled on Studio One!
    Best of all it's FREE!

    There's three levels of the software, free, artist and professional (for mastering to Redbook etc.)
    The free version has nearly everything the pro version does.
    I've never seen such an intuitive program.
    It helps to have some familiarity with similar software or mixers and effects, since this is so full featured!

    You can even edit any effect, instrument, loop, etc., down to very fine levels.
    So check it out here: Studio One | PreSonus.
    There's also lots of addons like for music notation, or whatever it doesn't already have.
    Good community, support and they updated my downloaded version the first week.

    I also have a NEW EFFECTS processor that just knocked my socks off.
    It's called the V-Amp 3 below

    You can see it combines an effects processor with 32 virtual amplifiers. You can combine the features in about 450 different configurations. You can listen with a headphone.
    It works great with my keyboard! What's amazing is I can select any of hundreds of instruments from my keyboard and use the V-Amp to create sounds I've never heard before.
    Of course it works with guitars or ANY analog source. It costs $99 at amazon.
    The only thing that didn't seem up-to-par is the midi connection. I could only get it to switch settings.
    There's also a secondary transport device that assures a live performance is recorded in real time, no delays.

    I was also able to re-purpose an older laptop (with 17" screen!) as the computer and it's all working great together.
    I was so impressed with the Studio One software that I digitized all those commercial recordings I mentioned earlier (which were on 4 track cassettes).
    I got a GREAT Pioneer 4 track recorder that enabled me to digitize any of the 4 tracks (but max 2 at a time) at a thrift store for $20.

    I look forward to sharing ideas, techniques, reviews about these sort of things with others in this thread.
    If you made it this far, you're really into this shit! Congrats!
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