Making ends meet so you can homeschool.

Discussion in 'Home Schooling' started by MamaKooKoo, Aug 16, 2005.

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    I have been thinking about homeschooling off and on for about a year now. I have 3 kids 6,4, and 1. This forum has really inspired me.

    Im a single mom and a student. I don't have to work because I have a very supportive family and my kids dad is not a dead beat. I would like to homeschool my kids but Im afraid my family wouldnt be very supportive. I get the feeling (rightfully so) that they want me to finish school asap so I can get a job and start making money. I was just wondering if any of you are also single parents homeschooling your children, and what you do to pay the bills.


    I finished college with a journalism degree and I edit and write from home. I am still not totally self-supporting, thank goodness for my wonderful fiance- my sons dad has pretty much vanished.
    But, in six months to a year I will more established as a freelancer if I keep pushing. Right now I am bringing more home than I was while working outside the home and having my ds in daycare.
    What are you studying? There is prob a way to combine your knowledge and experience and find something you can do from home.
  3. i'm a single parent and homeschool. i'm very very lucky to live in affordable co-operative housing. i create and sell my art when i need extra cash. here in Canada we get a monthly cheque called the Child Tax Benefit, helps tremendously. the kids dad helps out too. he's been great about buying some things that we just can't afford (we don't have any official/legal agreements... no need if it's working great already ;)).

    and we conserve, reuse, buy used, borrow, trade, barter a LOT, that helps us get by on very little money :)


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