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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by phil1965, Apr 13, 2021.

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    So yesterday was the first day of a large part of England opening up, and to be honest I was shocked and dismayed! TV footage showed loads of young people outside pubs with absolutley no distancing, it's been like this all along, the young ignoring the rules and to be quite honest I'm sick to death of it.
    However it's not only that, once again our glorious leader, aka Bungling Boris allowed thousands of people back into the country who had travelled 'illegally' to places like Pakistan and India! At a time when our government were saying that travel abroad should only be for funerals and important business reasons one has to ask just how all these people managed to have such urgent needs to travel.
    When it all kicks off again and mark my words it will, I personally would like to see restrictions placed on the young and the Asian community and allow the rest of us to carry on as normal. I lost a lot during the lockdown and it annoys me to see these people doing just what they want regardless of the costs to others. I'm absolutely sick to death of it all young families where I live blatently ignoring the rules, one even held a 'welcome party' after one of their relatives gave birth!
    We had young people clamouring that there was a need to get back to 'normal' to allow things like the Leeds Festival, Reading Festival and such like to take place. How can we be sure that social distancing will be maintained at these events? Well the simple answer is we cant, in fact I can guarantee it won't and once again we'll see the virus begin to spread!
    What kind of a country are we living in where the priorities are so wrong and absolutley nothing is being done about it? We had many millions spent on the much vaunted 'nightingale hospitals', these were to deal with the Covid cases, yet they had very few if any patients. Most of us here are of a certain age, in other words we will be old enough to remember the old isolation hospitals where people with tuberculosis were taken and kept out of the mainstream hospitals. This in my opinion was how the Nightingales should have worked, all Covid cases should have been taken to one of them instead of being put in normal hospitals.
    It's not a case of if it all starts up again, but simply when and to be honest Im seriously thinking that when it does all us older ones should just ignore it and do what the hell we want to, after all why should we be inconvenienced when it's perfectly clear that the people who are the real cause of the problem have no interest in being part of the solution!
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    Hi Phil . Glad to see you have returned

    Some of your points I agree with and others I don't

    I think its a bit unfair to blame the whole Asian Community . I appreciate some have multi generation households but many don't . The Asians certainly cant be blamed for the illegal partys that have been reported in the news recently .

    The crux of the problem has been the complacency of the UK Government to lockdown the Airports properly and early enough . They still dont have this right now as we have a couple of outbreaks of the South African variant . And I have had this convo with Vlad before and we are both in agreement that it hasnt come in with an Amazon parcel .I dont agree with Boris argument that you cant lockdonw airports because of "medicines " . I am quite surprised that no journalist challenged that when he made that statement. Using a road transport analogy thats like comparing a double decker bus with an articulated truck . The bus carries people ,the truck carries goods . Limes and lemons comes to mind ! Unless there is a family emergency there is no need to go overseas not even for business meetings as with the technology we have these days .as these can be done remotely . People have misused the business trip exclusion like the British skiers in Austria that got caught by Austrian Authorities and not the British authorities on leaving. It doesnt take rocket science to work out that you dont need skies on a business trip :confused::D

    Now the young hmmmmmmmmmmm . I have to empathise with them to a degree. It is well documented that they dont become ill with Covid unless there a have underlying health issues . The stats support this but it has been shown that they do spread it . So from their point of view why should they have their liberties taken away if they are not themselves affected ? That is the conumdrum . And now they are expected to put themselves forward for a vaccine of which they themselves will have no benefit . If anything they will be worse off because of the various side affects that are very real but being swept under the carpet . I am not referring to to misinformation here that is being banded about via social media but very real side affects like fatigue in my case . I intend doing a thread on the side effects of the vaccines in due course .

    Covid is something we are now going to have to get use too. Like flu its going to be an ever present and like flu it will kill and kill again . This is the price we now have to pay for some sort of normality . What that price will be will have to be fixed by politicians . In the UK I reckon on 30000 deaths a year which is probably around 3 x the flu rate of mortality .I am just glad I am not a politician ! But one things for certain we cant keep everything locked up for ever .

    Just my views :)
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    It was madness that 100,000 people a day were allowed to fly into the UK for weeks, many from hot s[pots, at the beginning of this shit show when it was well known what was coming down the line

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