Discussion in 'Spanish' started by pradeepmamgain, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. Hola,

    Following are some lines from Ricky Martin's song Maria..

    Un, dos, tres
    Un pasito pa'delante, Maria
    Un, dos, tres
    Un pasito pa' atras

    My online translator is unable to translate. Please tell me what does it mean?

    1. pasito pa'delante
    2. pasito pa' atras


    New Delhi, India
  2. Borgy

    Borgy Member

    "Un pasito pa' delante" means one step forward. "pa'delante" is realy said "para adelante"
    "Un pasito pa' atras" means one step back. "pa' atras" is realy said "para atras"

    hope is usefull!
  3. Gracias, Borge. It was very helpful.

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