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    anybody out there write? I know this is a hippy forum but I know some of you listen to hip hop and just decide to write. I wrote some shit too while I was trippin on acid. Check it:

    open your eyes
    clear your mind
    now metamorphacise
    I'm going through a rennaisance in the mental
    please critcise and please dont be gentle
    my minds exploding with so much
    you got to have the ill cobra clutch
    so many ideas that are just escapin
    floating now vanishing and then just wastin
    should be expressin but its stressin me
    complete cant even a fuckin sentence b
    so I'll express it GRAFFicly
    artistic wordplay for those who can read
    but why even bother if no one will see
    or maybe I'll remain a mystery
    write ando and then call it graffiti
    but I just sit here and curse
    thinkin only 2 eyes will ever read this verse
    smokin blunts n trippin now lets me see
    my third eye's open and brought me clarity
    the beatles say to turn off my mind
    I'm relaxed and I'm floating downstream
    up until now I realized the color of dreams
    artists are discovered after their lives have been
    so after I write this it'll be the end
    of the beginning
    not enough hands to write down what I'm thinkin
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    Shit, your post, or the title, at least, influenced me to make up a song that actually sounds pretty good. acoustic guitar + vocals. I wont post the lyrics, in case I decide to release something, but yeah. hahah

    Drink some vodka and I'm instantly writing songs. Not enough to get really fucked up, just enough to get my mind running and thinking about life events which help create lyrics and chord progressions. These are the building blocks of music. Unless it's just drums and shit. Bass still requires progressions, though! And I play that, also. hahah

    I love music. Thanks.

    Peace, bro. Keep on writing.
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    Nice verse!
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    0 lol its pretty sick tho

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