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    Dark crimson clouds float along the bright blank sky
    Tall golden grass covers the hills beneath
    The grass moves in waves; brought to life by the air
    Between the breeze-like pace of the sailing clouds and the steady pulse of the grass on the hills..
    Time does not exist; hypnotic motion does not reveal it
    All sense of progression is numbed, any thought; inconceivable
    The crimson clouds growl quietly, glowing with their angst
    They start to bleed a thin, transparent, black tinted-olive liquid
    The liquid drizzles down from the clouds as if draining from holes underneath
    It rolls down the gold grass, leaving a brass luster
    Blue electricity dances about the clouds as they begin to roar
    The holes underneath widen and multiply as the drizzle turns to a pour
    The rain stops and the grass soon absorbs all moisture
    The clouds, now a cherry red, faded and drained of their darkness, slowly roll away
    A violet mammoth rock rises from beneath the hills
    The giant globe pleasently glows and the white light subcedes under it's will
    A dark emerald sky is revealed
    In the darkness, the grass turns to silver, and it glimmers with a violet glow
    Glimmering just as the specks of white peppering the sky

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