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  1. kokoyo112

    kokoyo112 Member

    Today my friends and I decide we would sit with the poplular people... I don't even know why we did it a friend of mine just came up with the idea and it beat normal luch so we did...

    Things went different then I thought they would... I didn't think theywould do anything becasue we weren't bu they did. After we sat down they moved to another table. We decided to get up and go back to where we normally sit. When we did they went back to their table. My freinds went back to sit with them so I followed. They got mad. We weren't evevn doing anything to them and they got up and told the pricipal. The pricipal came over and told us they he would allow us to sit here today but if we could not sit there tomarrow. I asked him why. He said that they had sat there all through the year already and they should be allowed to sit there. Is it just me or is this discrimination. At our school we are allowed to sit anywhere we want... But today I and my fiends were told we could no longer sit there. we did nothing and yet we cna't sit there. While all through the year people my friends and I don't even know or care for sit by us... No one does anything about that... what do you think?
  2. kindwoman

    kindwoman Sista Golden Hair

    I think that's total bullshit! The popular people have always ruled the school, they ruled my school back in '86-'88 and they're still doing it today, that really pisses me off! I would write a letter to the school board explaining that you didn't realize there were 'assigned seats' in the cafeteria. I wish I would have been bold enough to do something like that when I was in school. I let people walk all over me in school & I deeply regret it. Take action!
  3. Sera Michele

    Sera Michele Senior Member

    God highschool is dumb. Don't worry, it doesn't last long. But of course then you get stuck in the real world, where the people are generally just a glorified version of highschool.
  4. kokoyo112

    kokoyo112 Member

    After lunch tons of people came over to me and asked what happend... Apparently we made a huge comotion! This one chick who was all for our cause wrote out a letter and is getting a ton of people to sign it.... Its awesome that so many people are glad someone did it.... I think my freinds and I are going to sit there tomarrow but I don't want to get suspended or in school or any shit like that...
  5. balko

    balko Member

    ...He was just averting a fight. Meh, our kids must be different then yours. There would be a fight before the admins knew of the problem.

    You did kinda do something upset the rick popular kids. That's a big crime.

    Lol. I laugh.
  6. Midget

    Midget Senior Member

    Is it?...ugh...damn :(
  7. puddin

    puddin Banned

    Learn to type retard!
  8. Chris L

    Chris L Member

    If I were you, I'd fight it as far as I could. It sounds like the principal's jsut being an asshole. There were apparently seats already available for you to sit in, it's not like you kicked them out of the seats, right? If you get in any actual trouble, just talk to whoever is above the principal in the chain of command. You can get that principle in some big trouble if he punishes you, especially if you have a lot of kids openly supporting you.
  9. LoL. Not a BIG deal but still don't take this shit sitting down, stir it up a lil bit.
  10. David54

    David54 Member

    Hmmm. Yes, very interesting. I think that you have done a very good job already. And you are on the verge of doing much more. You can create a spectacle that weakens the popular elite in your school. Everyone involved, as well as many of those observing, can have an empowering experience.

    But it is risky. If you get the principal pissed off at you, he can make your life miserable. Doesn't sound like there's anything you're doing that will stick. But as they say, you can beat the rap, but you can't beat the ride. Even if you are proven right eventually, life can still be made miserable for you in the meantime.

    I would go for it if I were you. Show those kids that they don't get to hold court at their own special table while everyone else sits next to whoever they get stuck with. But that's just because I'm a natural trouble maker.
  11. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    Public education in the US is a joke anyway, so you might as well make it fun while you are there. I'm speaking from experience when I say, raise some mighty hell! I graduated last year, but left the high school two years ago. The administration mad me so miserable, that I just decided to do the same to them. What makes it most fun is that it pretty much takes no effort.

    The only regret I have about high school is not pissing off more people.

    It's actually a good way to learn about yourself because you can get in a shitload of trouble... which would scare most people... but you learn to go with the flow. And I love arguing with people when they know they are wrong, and they know you know they are wrong, but they keep arguing the same point anyway. Besides, get that political activity started early.
  12. balko

    balko Member

    I've been getting in trouble since 1st grade :D People just seem like whimps these days...hmmm
  13. kokoyo112

    kokoyo112 Member

    Went back to school today and the principal came into a bunch of classes talking about how what happened yesterday was bulling... I wasn't sure how this was bulling. He accused us of taking their. We didn't. In fact we sat down before them... Then we were told we could no longer sit there.

    When my friends and I went to lunch. I got in line and my friends went and sat down. While I was buying food the principal came over to my friends and told them that we had been bullying these kids ( the popular kids) my friend started coughing and goes " I'm sorry I am allergic to bs" He went the principals office and I still haven’t heard from him... I missed out today because by the time I was out of the lunch line my but my friends who got up and move told me about it. I don't know if we will be sitting there anymore but people are still pissed off about what happened and are trying to do more.
  14. airforcedrew

    airforcedrew Banned

    I dont think bullying is a good word for it, but harassment, seems to fit the situation.

    Anyways, who cares about the popular kids in high school. They are just gonna go to a good college, join a frat/sorority, become alcoholics and sluts, and drop out, then later on work at a 711 anyway. Get the last laugh in the end. Fuck the highschool bullshit, and have fun with your friends, and ignore the "popular" kids.
  15. Its not as big as harassment, and thats not completely true.
  16. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    I say keep sitting there. If they tell you to move again, ask them to show you a school rule that says only certain people can sit/associate with other people. If they still hassle you, just don't move. I mean, it's not that hard. They can yell at you all they want to change tables, but you staying will make them look ridiculous. ...and it's fun to watch admin. panic. Perform your own sit in...
  17. element7

    element7 Random fool

    Take a dump on their table, now that would be harrassment! ha ha j/k don't do that.
  18. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Let me see if I got this right.

    You sat at the table (lets call it Table A) ususaly used by a group of kids.
    They didn't want to sit with you so they sat at a different table.
    You then moved to a third table (your ususual).
    The group then moved to their usual table (Table A).
    You then moved back to table A.

    Your actions seem to say to that group of kids, "If you sit at your ususal table, we will too." You were not interested in table A, because when the group moved, you abandoned table A. Table A was interesting to you only if that group sat there.

    In short, you were bugging that group.

    When the principle found out about it, he took steps to stop you from bugging them.

    If anyone is at fault in that interaction, it seems like you and your friends.

    If they don't want to sit with you, that is their choice. Their refusal to sit with you does not give you the right to chase them away from their ususal table.
  19. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member's the principle.
  20. SDS

    SDS Member

    Unless seating is assigned you may sit at whatever table you wish and that is exactly what I suggest you do.

    If you follow a person or group from one table to another you also are free to do that if seating is not assigned. While strictly speaking this is ok it probably could be construed as harrassment and I would not pursue it.

    But if you want to sit at a particular table then do so to assert that right. If the people there get up and move to another spot just don't follow them.

    You need to assert your right to sit at whatever table you wish. This situation is not substantially different from that in the South not too many years ago when blacks couldn't sit at the lunch counter or had to use a different restroom. Lunch counters and restrooms are not reserved for whites or popular kids and neither are tables in high school cafeterias.

    This is a bigger issue than you may have initially realized. You need to assert your right to sit wherever you wish. For school authorities or anyone to maintain anything else is discrimination and a violation of your civil rights.

    Also "squatters rights" do not apply in high school cafeterias.

    If anyone hassles you about this contact the ACLU and a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

    And do me a favor. When you go sit at that table be sure and take along some antiwar and prohomosexual literature to enjoy along with your lunch and for all to see and show them that this is a free country. Or supposed to be.

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