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Discussion in 'Health' started by squawkers7, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    a frozen burrito--grilled chicken fajita, calories:280, protein:10grams, carbs:44grams, sodium: 410mg

    tropical fruit salad--calories:80,protein:0 grams, cabs:20 grams, sodium:10grams

    Banana cream pie yogurt--calories:80, protein:7 grams, carbs:13grams, sodium:110mg

    and 2 graham crackers with peanut butter on them,and couple cups of coffee.I'm not into measuring the peanut butter so I couldn't figure out the calories and other stuff.

    This took me almost an hour to eat...cuz I'm to busy online to eat faster. What did you all have for lunch?
  2. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    Watch out for those graham crackers... those can have some crazy calorie counts. The ones in my cabinet are something like 120 calories for 2 crackers... which is why, they are still sitting in my cabinet.
  3. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    Graham crackers--calories:90, protein:1 gram, carbs: 1 grams, sodium:95 mg.
    they are just from little individual packages and I had 2 of them, so multiply above #'s by 2.
  4. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    I had a handful of cereal (nature's path harvest flakes), some homemade pineapple blackbean chili with 2 corn tortillas, and an apple with a glass of 100% fruit juice blend.
  5. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    Can ya pass on the recipe for the "pineapple blackbean chili"?
  6. lace_and_feet

    lace_and_feet Super Member

    Haha, I don't have an official recipe, (the only thing that really makes it chili is the can of low-fat turkey chili I add towards the end) I pretty much just went in the kitchen and made it up as I went along, but I'll try...

    Bring black beans to a boil then drop heat down to a simmer. Add 2 small chopped white onions. About an hour later, (these take a while to cooK) add in a bit of cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper. 1/2 hour after that, add whole cloves of garlic (as many as you like) and a whole can of crushed pineapple (including the juice). Add a cup of salsa. Cook until beans are tender then add chili at last minute. Yummy served with fresh corn tortillas fried up in olive oil.

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