lunch time protest?

Discussion in 'Protest' started by brownxfoot, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. brownxfoot

    brownxfoot Member

    i'm a highschooler who is just sick of thinking about all the wrong and not doing anything about it, so i've decided to sit out at lunch almost everyday (taking off for meeting for interact aka diversity club and being a peer mediator) and ive pretty much decided to hold up anti-nuclear weapon signs hoping to get people talking.
  2. brownxfoot

    brownxfoot Member

    i thought about it but to be honest i'm not sure how i feel about the war in iraq, i feel saddened by all the stuff but i dont have any suggestions to fix it.

    plus i got nailed already last year for passing out other stuff but i might do it again.
  3. DQ Veg


    Well, at least you care about your fellow human being, which is more than I can say for most people. I applaud what you're doing. The stupid-ass public school system doesn't want you passing things out or being concerned about issues-they just want to dumb you down so that the government can do your thinking for you. Good luck, and keep at it.
  4. brownxfoot

    brownxfoot Member

    thank you bro, but i'm not the only one to care the eventual hope is i wont sit alone at my school and maybe my district. there's district funded progrmas out there that teach peace that i'm involved with hopefull i can use them to spread the word.

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