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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Peace Attack, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    I had a dream me and my friend were vactioning in some resort were the tsunamis hit. We were on the beach laying in the sun when a medium sized wave crashed unusaully close to us. We didn't think anything of it but went up to the hotel anyways. While watching from the hotel window a giant wave hit the beach and a bunch of boats came with it. In the distance we could see an enormous wave coming toward us. The people on the beach were screaming and running. My friend said "We are seriously going to die now" and I tried to comfort her by saying "Dont worry, I've seen people surf bigger waves then that...then I woke up.

    What struck me about the dream is how real everything felt like the sun warming me, the temperature of the water, how vibrant the colors were. And usually my dreams are short and don't make sense, but this dream went in sequential order and wasn't confusing.

    Could it have been a lucid dream?
  2. Moving_cloud

    Moving_cloud Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Hi Peace Attack

    as far as I heard, being in a state of control of the dream is called lucid dreaming and unlike having clear remembrance.

    Sometimes I think earth has sent a wave round the planet on more levels than just the physical one, with so many people struck by the same event, and so many giving earth back their temporary shell at the same time, to be set free. Yet the option of how to look on it is always ours. There are waves of great confusion and such of great clarity, and with them we all are changing on and each on their own - like we do all the time, in the vibrant lands of becoming.

    But in the center of who we are we are intact and whole, no matter if the world around shakes the ground and contradictions rise high. We are - and from there we know we do not really need to be worried, or confused, or even distracted. We may look with a clarity now that is greater than we ever thought was possible ... I think we are seriously going to change.

    Now I don't know if this helps to answer your question, but maybe others will jump in here. Just saying thank you for sharing your dream.
  3. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    Well...i am a lucid dreamer..and being lucid means knowing it is a dream while dreaming..and once u can realize ur dreaming while dreaming u can begin to manipulate those dreams...

    i had a dream about a huge wave last night too...and once i realized i was not in mexico w/ my parents this week..hehe i knew i was dreaming .. i knew i was safe at home in my anyways in this dream..there was a 120 ft. wave coming...and i knew that it was gonna be ok..because i was i kinda had fun w/ was sooo's crazy....i have lots of dreams about big waves for some reason..even before the disaster happened..i'm not sure why...but i always realize while sleeping that it's not i am not afraid...sometimes i can completely make the ocean and beach just disappear and dream about something else...i like to fly or float in dreams cuz it feels so real..dreams can be really fun if u know how to be took me months to learn how to be lucid..and even still i cannot manipulate the dreams all the time w/ out waking up...but i always know what i drempt of when i wake up..and i always know when i'm dreaming...:)

    i used to have morbid dreams..and it would freak me i learned of lucid dreaming..and now i have great dreams :)
  4. Myranya

    Myranya Slytherin Girl

    It's not so strange you'd dream about the tsunami, after all the news reports and everything. It's a big thing and we use our dreams to deal with what's happening during the daytime. But as others mentioned, lucid dreaming means having control, that's different.
  5. KevinSmith

    KevinSmith Member

    Rar1013, I don't think you should totally discount that last dream you had. How did you know the wave was 120 ft tall? Is this just an estimate or did you just know it?

    I have seen this number popping up in many other peoples dreams. I believe it is like an echo when we see the Tsunami, we heard the echo of 120. I believe our spiritual guides and other ghosts/spirits are trying to warn us of something terrible that is coming. Take a look at my thread, I'll continue to update it as I find out more information.
  6. Keanua Otter

    Keanua Otter Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Brothers and Sisters..on december 26 around 3:30 am pst. i awoke from my own lucid tsunami dream....i was standing on a beach, seeing that the tide had gone way out, thinking, "uh oh, this means a tidal wave is coming" and because it was so lucid, i remember thinking, "everybody knows this right?" ..the next scene, i was standing in the water in my brown cord pants, noticing how the water was white with foam and swirling in circles all around me...being an avid beach person, having grown up in San Diego, i thought "this is really strange to be in the water in clothes! I should be in a bathing suit. Something is very wrong here!" and then i saw that there were big glowing squares of lights in the water, like buildings submerged, with the light from windows, only it felt like they were actually souls, that the light represented living beings....then i reached into the waves and pulled out shoes, one was a high heel, strappy sandle, the other, a hiking boot...this was very disturbing, because it felt like pollution, or trash in the ocean, which really felt wrong...there was just so much commotion going on, and a feeling that things were out of control...i woke up and looked at the clock, noticed the time... and just assumed it was a dream about my own life, something about love and the subconscious..that morning, i saw the cnn reports of the tidal wave and knew i had dreamed it, i believe, while it was happening. I am sure this has happened to countless people around the world, because the energy was so powerful. i am very psychic, but this was (sadly) amazing.
  7. headymoechick

    headymoechick I have no idea

    I had a dream about this also!! I didn't know what it meant though. I can't have lucid dreams for some reason, so I am never in control, but a few days before it happened I had a dream that I was in some poor country on the beach and I seen a wave that soared high in the sky, rushing closer every second. I tried to run but it was breaking and about to crash down and I remember thinking I was going to die and I woke up.
  8. sweetfaery

    sweetfaery Member

    i have also had a dream where my vacation has been ruined by a tsunami.whats weird about mine is that its that during my vacation i can never bring myself to go down to the beach even though in real live i love the beach when i finally go the waves get bigger and bigger and turn into a tsunami.then i wake up.this dream has been reacurring for a couple years,but ironically i have not had it since the real sunami hit.i did have it a few weeks before. wonder if we all really couldve predicted it.its somewhat reassuring to know others had the same dream. i was weired out by it.word of advice -if youve had this dream and experiment with acid,try not to think about the dream or the real event-its a bummer.thanks for sharing your dream,peace attack.
  9. sweetfaery

    sweetfaery Member

    well i just read an interperation of large waves and tidal waves and it said that it can symbolize emotions being overwelming and makes a litte bit of since cuz i do get emotional easily but its never selfdestructive.maybe this is the case for some of you guys but the dreams could obviously mean anything.if u are emotional maybe the dream is trying to get u to realize u try to be relax and be calm when u feel like ur getting upset. hope u guys have more peaceful dreams

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