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  1. The first time my boyfriend and I used petroleum jelly, a day later I got a yeast infection, we figured it was just a coincidience but didn't use it for a while after that. Then, a few days ago we used it again and the next morning, I had a UTI. I know that petroleum jelly is supposed to be safe for lubricant but I'm worried it is what's causing these and I'm not willing to try it again. Does anyone else have this problem with petroleum jelly? Also, are there any good lubricants I could use that WOULDN'T cause an infecetion?
  2. Allonym

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    petroleum jelly isnt good for sex, clogs up the pussy and last i heard eats away at condoms too

    try buying, um, lube designed for sex like ky or astroglide or o'my or, well, you get the idea
  3. feralfey

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    You also could just be allergic to it in general. I am. But I don't think I can help help you more than that, because we don't use lube anymore.
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    Petro jelly doesn't let air in and isn't water soluable. It really isn't a good sexual lubricant. I can imagine that the exclusion of air and not letting natural moisture in would, indeed, cause yeast infections.

    They tell you not to put Petro jelly on baby's bottoms after diaper changes for just these reasons. No air permeability, no "breathability" and caustive in yeast infections in the baby.

    Try KY, KY Silk or Astroglide. These are meant for sexual lubricants and are water soluable.
  5. hummblebee

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    And yes, petroleum jelly, being an oil based lube, does degrade the latex in condoms. That's why gay sex pamphlets and such always specify to use a water-based lube like KY to prevent disease. :)

    That said, most any place these days will actually have a decent selection in the condom section. Hell, at Wal-Mart recently there was actually a huge aisle display with Lube "gift packs". :rolleyes: I guess we've stopped being embarrassed about such things, eh?

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