lube as a crutch?

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by Saje, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Saje

    Saje Member

    Do your bodies (women) get too used to lube? I've been using it pretty much every time I have sex now and it seems like i don't get as wet as I used to even when I'm really horny. Can I blame the lube or is it something else?
  2. MaccaByrd

    MaccaByrd Member

    I get this problem as well and I hope someone can shed some light on to the cause or a solution.

    No matter how turned on I am or even after I've had an orgasm I'm just not... lubricated enough. Instead it's a watery consistancy (and this is a pleasant conversation.) We've been using the false lube more often that I would like and it's making my boyfriend feel as though I don't desire him, which is obviously not the case. It's just an occasional problem but it's enough. Is my pH balance off or is this something I just need to make peace with?
  3. veinglory

    veinglory Member

    I think it is coincidental rather than caused by lube. Arousal caused secretion but there is no feedback mechanism that would down-regulate the system due to added lubrication.
  4. YEM36313

    YEM36313 Member

    Actually, some women do not produce as much lubrication as others do. vaginal dryness is actually a problem, ladies!!!!!!! You can talk to your ob/gyn about it if you choose to, but they will probably tell you to use lube.
    If i were you, i would do a little research on the actual condition of vaginal dryness, but as i said, some women just can not produce enough to take a penis.
    Its best to use a lot of foreplay before having sex to reach your If you dont like lube as much, have your guy lick his fingers and stimulate...they can help you produce your own lube by giving you oral sex as well. If these techniques still do not work, then find a sexy way to lubricate yourself.
    But your boyfriend should never feel personally insulted by your body's natural make up, we are the way we are.

    Peace and love, hope i helped :)

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