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  1. "The family is motivated to spread LSD because we believe that LSD is a key givin to us from above. LSD was givin to man from god to help him see the error of his ways. Why do you think it was discovered during the most horrible time in history. It is the antidote for the atomic bomb. It`s doesn`t matter if you beleive this or not ,because what i`m trying to express is how deeply important the family feels about the sacred value of LSD. Those who are at the upper level`s of the family will gladly sacrifice there lifes and freedom to do this work."

    This was pulled from another website. I feel this was aswell. Does anyone else here feel this way or am I the only one. I feel it was given of god to shw man the error of his ways. Look at the horrible time in which it was created / found. I believe it waqs not found by accident but rather that the higher powers let us find in on purpose to help in the fight of good and evil. This fight in which evil is now currently winning. We have the power to win but we must fight back. The time to fight the good fight is now.

    ~~ OS
  2. stranger

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    fuck yeah... can you link us to the exact thread?
  3. stranger

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    killer read..

    -arg im trying to find it not logged in this might take a minute

    --damn you actually have to be a member there to have access to that forum, takes 2 seconds to sign up then you can use the search engine and search LSD- crystal to blotter and it is this huge amazing thread with this guy who dealt massive amounts of LSD, very cool guy and he has a very very interesting story....
  4. Lights

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    I am quite found of LSD, and believe it can do great things, but I am an athiest and think it's just a coinsence when it happened.
  5. they dont make orange sunshine anymore
  6. Nathan11

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    LSD is a tool from Jah.
    (Inspired by the spirit, that is.)
    It is part of God, as are we, and is everything.
  7. Lights

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    IF that is true, you could call LSD no more divine than a hammer.
  8. Nathan11

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    It's not devine itself, but it can lead us to devine.
    As can all tools if used in a productive manner.
  9. Southernman

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