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  1. Liroy

    Liroy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Dear folks,

    My apologies for letting you wait a full damn month (or hell, I think even longer?) for a new lesson.

    This lesson, or however you prefer to name it, will handle information about LSD, as requested.
    Sorry for the folks that wanted DMT handled, it will be next, and sooner then this topic has taken to arrive, LOL.

    Anyway, let us begin!

    If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would
    appear to man as it is, infinite.
    —William Blake

    LSD is short for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, most commonly known as:
    - LSD
    - LSD-2
    - Acid
    It's chemical formula is: C20H25N3O

    LSD is a registered illegal psychedlic drug that was discovered and synthesised in 1938 by the Swedish Albert Hoffman, who was working on several medical projects.
    From that point, it took 5 years to find out about it's psychedelic features.

    During a experiment, Dr. Hoffman accidently spilled some LSD on his skin.
    Due to the extreme low ammount of LSD that you need to make it work (25 microgram), his skin absorbed more then enough and the drug had it's usage.
    Dr. Hoffman mentioned that he had to stop working and go home, and that when he was there he was in a "far from unpleasant mood" and was seeing all kinds of beautifull colors and shapes..

    -- So what does LSD do? --

    LSD gives you a very powerfull trip,
    normal things are becomming very interesting (like if you walk through the woods, you notice all kinds of beautifull or very scary details and spend alot of time on it).

    Usually, users see alot of colors, vibrations or distortions in the world around, however, with your eye's closed, it will show you all kinds of colors and if you take enough (or perhaps too much) you can temporarily loose your personality or get the experience that your mind is outside of your body.

    An interesting remark, or well... I think it is, is that music and sounds can be converted to distinctive colors (every sound has it's own color) while you are in the trip.
    This is caused by a phenomenon called "Synesthesia".
    If you want to know all about that, see wikipedia, but it amazes me that some people are _born_ with that, and actually always have this experience.
    But basically said, your senses are working together because a certain block is lifted on your cortex, connecting your senses to each other.
    (Or atleast, that is what I understood of it)
    Numbers and other characters can also be associated with colors.

    A also very well known effect is the feeling of being united with the universe or the nature, which is a very nice experience.

    -- Toxicity --

    LSD is generally not really considered as very toxic.
    There is only 1 known death, which was a junky that though it was something else, and injected 320milligram of LSD, which is approximately 3200x the normal dose.

    The good part about LSD is that it only requires a very small ammount before it starts working (25 microgram) and the Lethal Dose (LD50) is set at 60 to 180 milligram, while a normal dose is between 80 en 300 microgram... basically making the chance on a accidental overdose very very small.

    even though it is not really toxic, it can cause permanent changes such as a temporary or chronic (can take years, or forever) that you see lines around objects, colors around them or distorted things.
    (For more information about that, see: Hallicunogen persisting perception disorder at:

    With people with psychic problems, such as schizofrenia, borderline, depression or other conditions like that, it can cause psychoses.
    It has, however, never been prooven that LSD can *cause* a chronic psychic disorder, it can only trigger it with formentionned people.

    On a side-note, regarding flashbacks:
    It has never been prooven that this is true,
    but with some persons it occurs for weeks or months that you get flashbacks, often triggered by cannabis, insomnia or stress.
    The other flashbacks I talked about, see the wikipedia article about HPPD, the persisting visual problem.

    LSD is NOT addictive like some people claim,
    in fact, most people that use it dont do it for quite a while, because it's not necesarry and your body get's used to it very quickly, so it's no use.
    Most "experienced" users that do it "alot" only take a trip 2 or 3 times a year, and that satisfies them completely.

    -- How to take it? --

    LSD comes, most commonly, in these 4 forms:

    - Blotter (papertrips): a tiny bit of paper, usually the size of a stamp that has a drop of LSD on it, you put that in your mouth, suck on it, and your body will take the LSD in.

    - Microdots: Very small pills with LSD in it.

    - Windopanes: LSD made into capsules

    - Drops:
    This is the substance of LSD that people usually put on blotters, but is now "dropped" directly on the tongue, hand or the ee of the user.
    In the beginning of the rise of LSD, LSD was often put on sugarcubes which was the typic way of selling it.

    Although not commonly done, LSD can also be injected.
    Funny to know is that Aldous Huxley (See: The doors of perception) asked to be injected with LSD while he was dieing.

    The most common way these days is on the blotters.
    However, you are never sure how much LSD is on one papertrip,
    therefor it is always recommend to first try a piece of the LSD you bought on the street before consuming all.

    What's very good about LSD is that the user basically has the guarantee that there are no other crappy substances on the papertrip that you dont want, unlike stuff like XTC pills, whom are often full with shit that you really dont want and can be harmfull to you.

    The story about blotters containing rat poision is bullshit,
    the letal dose of rat poison would never even fit on 1 blotter...
    However, the papertrips can contain other hallicunogenic substances that work in very small ammounts, therefor, if you buy it from someone you dont know, be carefull.

    -- LSD and the hippies --

    LSD was used *ALOT* in the sixties.
    In some cases it was mixed through lemonde or whatever was available for drink, causing people that didnt know this to suddenly get a trip that could last for hours.

    The substance had alot of influence on the hippiemovemoent through people like Timothy Leary and the author Tom Wolfe, who in his book "The electric kool-aid acid test" describes how the LSD in the US in these days were used.

    People like Jerry Garcia didnt have the nickname "Captain Trips" for nothing.
    The Who recorded a song named "The Acid Queen" from the rockopera "Tommy".
    In this song, a woman in the opera tries to cure Tommy with a drug.
    Another group, Country Joe & the Fish, recorded "The Acid Commercial" on one of their records, to promote LSD.

    Many bands like the beatles were far from ashamed to show that they used it.
    Many people claim that the song "Lucy in the sky with diamons" refers to LSD, even though John Lennon always has denied this.

    -- Trivia --

    - LSD is not addictive

    - MI6 once tried to use it, without succes, as a truth serum.

    - The american goverment gave it to employees of the CIA to study their reactions and responses, often without the knowledge of the subject.

    - Above 500 microgram, the trip does not change, although it can last longer

    - In the sixties, it is expected that only 2 or 3 people were responsible for the entire production of LSD in that time... this is because you dont need much of the drug for it to work, and it can be produced in big ammounts at the same time, so to QUOTE wikipedia:
    - Prior to October 6th, 1966, LSD was available legally in the US.

    - Usually, the day after eating it, people feel very good.
    The mind is clear, the senses are very sharp, and your breakfast tastes extroardinary nice!

    --- soooo? ---

    To put it straight,
    LSD is a great drug to use in my opinion, especially if you wish to experience nice things.

    - Always do it in a secure environment where you feel safe and where it is nice.
    - Have someone around that makes sure to watch you, because you can loose your rational thoughts or you can go bad
    - To go on about bad: You can get a bad trip which can be extremely scary, however, if you are in a good environment (and not constantly at the same spot) the chance on this is low, unless you have issues.
    - The trip cannot be stopped, so you can better trust it and fully go with the feeling and what the drug does to you, dont try to stop it or influence it, merely guide it.
    - PEOPLE WITH PSYCHIC PROBLEMS: !!!DO NOT USE!!! it is extremely dangerous.

    - Make sure you are free, influences from outside, such as a sudden high responsibility you have because you have to do something or something bad happened can trigger a bad trip... I suggest leaving your cell phone at home and make sure that you dont have anything you need to watch or feel guilty about.

    - DO NOT USE if you dont feel good, are depressed or if you are sad at the time you take it, this can, once more, trigger a bad trip.
    If you dont feel good, wait with it, be patient to the day you feel good, then take it, this will give you the most wonderfull trip.

    Making LSD yourself is quite difficult,
    if Skip agrees I can try to work out how to do it and put it here...
    Although, I really suggest you just pay some dollars and get it somewhere.
    If you dont know exactly what you are doing, you might create something you really dont want to take.

    Interesting links:

    -- END --

    This is the end of this lesson,
    I hope that you did not find it boring, but rather inspiring and informational.

    Hope I learned you something today and that you liked it and didnt disappoint you after such a long wait! ;)
    If there are any questions or comments: SHOOT! :)

    Also, if you notice some major spelling mistakes or if I accidently put something wrong, let me know.

  2. Mayaxx

    Mayaxx Member

    Very nice lessons... I'd like to see the LSD synthesis, but if its not gonna be posted here, ill just find t elsewhere.. hehe.. <3 internet..
  3. Not to be a complainer or anything, but you haven't told us how to make anything. You've pretty much only covered ingesting drugs which is something i think most of us already have down. If your covering dmt next, go over the extraction process or list a recipe for ayahuasca.
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  4. Liroy

    Liroy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    It will come dont worry.

    However, the subjects requested by the class like this, LSD, really doesnt have much food products you can make out of it.
    I dont see someone putting a papertrip in a cake or something, lol.

    I could post the process of how to make LSD,
    but yet again it is something I have to go over with Skip.
    I think that due to the location of the server, I am free to post it.
  5. mr.morrison

    mr.morrison Senior Member

    funny you should mention it, ive had this plan for the drug birthday cake. make the cake out of THC butter and then along the edges place blotter. on the outer edge with E pills next to them. have some dried mushies placed in the center all artistically and all. that would be one hell of a trip....haha
  6. I have to agree with gratefully dawg. This is "make your own drugs" class and the lessons seem to be, well, just facts most drug users already know??

    As far as LSD is concerned, everyone wants to know/knows HOW to make it, but no one can. Certain chemical's are watched by the DEA very carefully and only certified chemist can order them. The DEA requires reports every 3 months on the uses of the chemicals etc. etc. Of couse, with every rule there are ways around it.

    But hey, does anyone here have a degree in quantum physics and really knows how to magnetically stir unstable molecular particles????

    Anyways, i'm rambling now, sorry :)

    But in the conclusion of my opinion, I think we should stick to the forum of making drugs (Growing methods of marijuana, Hashish Processes, Process of turning coca plants into cocaine, different uses of opium into numerous substances, food products using these drugs, etc. etc.)

    I know you can do it Liroy, I have faith in you!!!

    ~*PeAcE LoVe & GoOd ViBrAtIoNs*~
  7. wow now i want to take a trip.
  8. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    I have read some of the imformation and some of it it not correct.. the dosage is/was 250 mics per dose... no one has ever died from an overdose of LSD-25.. back in the day of LSD as far as I know, perhaps went to the sanatartium or jumped from a ledge trying to fly or something, but no deaths from ingestation of the drug itself. It is fermented MOLD from rye. You can grow it yourself.
  9. silverhippy

    silverhippy Comfortably Numb

    If you must trip try mescaline, not as harsh far more mellow.

  10. Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow Electrical Banana

    Agreed, mescaline's my favorite (now if only I could find some and have the time off to enjoy it). That said, I've always seen LSD as a gateway to the subconscious, a sort of psychological/spiritual cleansing if you will, but it's important to respect the fact that with it you get the underbelly of it as well, so any negativity within your soul will haunt you.

    Also, make sure you don't get yourself in a situation where you need to drive or do anything dangerous, it's a challenge when your senses play tricks on you, that's usually where folks get themselves in trouble. My favorite place to trip is in the woods away from anyone except my closest friends. Crowds can be overwhelming.
  11. This is not true, LSD is semisynthetic.
  12. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    Not true? As in, I am a lier?!? If that is what you want to think, far be it from me to burst your bubble..But at 15, you must have known Tim Leary, Stanley Owesly, Abby Hoffman, and Sandose Chemical Co. Timothy Leary told me himself that LSD-25 was made from Rye mold.. but suppose you know more the he on the subject.. Simisynthetic from RYE MOLD!!

    I am just trying to get THE RIGHT imformation out there, K? Before you accuse someone of being incorrect, best to run a google before you open your mouth and insert foot.

  13. silverhippy

    silverhippy Comfortably Numb

    This is an LSD thread I guess, so I should not keep on bringing this up but LSD is harsh ever try blotter if so you know, stick with Mescaline, no doubt about what it is made of either it is peyote, it grows so it's all good and easier on you.

  14. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    I found this recipe for LSD, so I'm going to post it.

    Prepatory Arrangements

    Starting material may be any lysergic acid dirivitive, from Ergot on Rye Grain or from culture. Prepare from the amides as follows:

    18g of any Lysurgic Acid Amides from various Natural sources dissolved in 200 ml of methanotic KOH solution and the methnol removed immediately in vaco. The residue is treated with 20ml 0f 8% aqueous solution of KOH and the mixture heated on a steam bath for 1 hour. A stream of of nitrogen gas is passed throught the flask during heating and then evolved NH3 gas maybe titrated as HCI to follow the reaction. The akaloid solution is made nutral to congo Red with tartaric acid, filtered, cleaned by extraction with Ether. The aqeous solution filtered and evaporated. Digest with MeOH to remove some of the colored material from the crystals of Lysurgic Acid.
    Arrange the Lighting in the lab like a dark room. Use potographic Red and Yellow safty lights, as LSD Decomposses when light is present. Rubber gloves must be worn due to the posionous nature of Ergot Akaloids. A Hairdryer or better a Flash Evaporator is necessary to speed up steps where evaporation is necessary.

    Step 1.
    Place one volume of powderd Ergot Alkaloid (from rye mold) in a tiny round bottom flask, and add Two volumes of anhydrous hydrazine. An alternative procedure uses a sealed tube in which the reagents are heated at 112C. and the mixture is refulxed ) or heated) for 38 minutes. Add 1.5 volume of H2o and boil for 15 minutes. On coolingin the refidgerator, LSD Lysurgic Acid Hydrazine is crystalized.

    Step 2

    Use Red Light.Chill all segments and have ice ready. Disolve 2.82g. Hydrazine rapidly in 100ml 0. in cold HCI useing ice bath to keep the reaction vessel at O.C.100 ml ice cold 0.1n NaNo2 is added after 2 or 3 minutes, vigerously stirring, 11.38 ml more HCI is added dropwise , with vigorou stirring again in an ice bath. After 5 minutes, Nurtalize the sulotion with NaHC03 saturated solution and extract with Ether solution by adding 3g diethylamine in Ether. Remover the aqueous solution and try to dissolve the gummy substance in Ether. Adjust the Ether solution by adding 3g dithylamine per 300 ml ether extract, allow to stand in the dark gradually warming up to 20c over a period of 24 hours. Evaporate in vacume and treat as indicated in the purifaction section for conversion of ISO- Lysergic amodes.

    This is just one method of making LSD.
  15. Theres a lot more work to it than that. I wouldn't trust the first recipe(literally) that pops up on google when you search LSD synthesis. Otherwise it would mention that it can be made from morning glories, cause then it wouldn't be LSD.they didn't use straight up ergot, cause their were way too many poisons in it. Ever heard of ergot posioning. pretty nasty
  16. Mellow Yellow

    Mellow Yellow Electrical Banana

    I knew I should've paid more attention in chemistry class, *lol*, but thanks for the info. I guess I'll just stick with the stuff that grows in the ground. 'shrooms are also a good alternative.
  17. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    There are Several recipes out there to make LSD.. I posted only one of them.. and to be sure.. find a formula that resonates with you... in fact don't try to make LSD on your own.. working with any chemicals has a potential to be dangerous, even deadly, esp if you don't know what your doing. All chemicaly altered products have a potential to be dangerous.

    These classes are for educational puposes. Please don't try this at home unless your a quailified chemist.

    Bright Blessings
  18. You spelled liar wrong.

    Well, what does Abby Hoffman have to do with making LSD, or Tim Leary, And you spelled Sandoz wrong, and semisynthetic. LSD can be derived from mold, but it is not found naturally, from what we know right now. Therefore, you can not "grow LSD yourself"

    Thats kind of funny, because I didn't say anything incorrect, it was you giving false information. I was just trying to help some people out and you had to be an asshole and attack me.
  19. shameless_heifer

    shameless_heifer Super Moderator Super Moderator

    I apologise, but in my own defence, I must say..I have not come to flame or argue, I have come to deliver a message.

    I am speaking as a vetren from The 'Daze'.. play on words as in San'dose'..

    I can only say what I know as truth, from my vast experience with LSD and some of the ones that developed it. Altho I do not take LSD anymore, bc it has changed and I don't like the trip, I still hold My Experience as truth and light.

    The ppl were screaming for 'food', I layed out a platter.. take what you need and leave the rest, if you don't care for the meal, just pass the platter to the next one.

    LSD is not a party favor. It's a tool to open the mind and experience the universe of Being. A Spiritual growth not of this plane, but of the spiritual nature of existance.

    I have seen many demensions in my search for the truth, while experiencing LSD. I took a trip on the Light Ship and rode the wind into narvana and back. I have sailed the seas of destiny and wound up with the Dream we all dreamed back when.

    I cannot say what is true for you, only the truths I have found to be so. What I say is not miss-imformation, only imformation, what I know from what I have learned on my journey through the dementions of time and space.

    The Recipie I posted was the opening of a window to let a stream of imformation trickle through.. it was a 'I'll post this and perhaps someone will get enough courage and post another'. Tho, after me getting ripped apart for posting, they may not.

    What I was commenting on was Mis-imformation, as in the amount of micrograms in a dose of LSD, which is 250 mics other then the 90 that was posted.

    Now, if I am wrong, I apologise.. but from what I Know from experience and what I read, my claims are accurate, perhaps outdated? but accurate from my time of doing, when it was at it's infancy (publicly) in 64' till it grew into it's peak in the late 70s.

    When the Be-Ins and Love-Ins covered the parks and beaches of our nation, and Ravi Shankar play his Sitar in the cool green grass under the Yum Yum trees while Timothy Leary spoke of the Universal Flow Of Your Being and Dylan was preaching out against war and the human experience, when the Beatles were taking us to the strawberry fields.. when the protesters were in the streets demanding the end to the war.. when the war on drugs was really the war on standing up for your rights and being free to live in peace and harmony with your fellow man and Mother Earth, and to find the truth of our existance and our purpose here on Earth. It was LOVE incarnate that motivated us to seek truth and light. And we peaked as we peeked into other dementions.

    It was not about The Party, it was a quest, a movement to stemulate the chain of changes that was taking place in the Universe. We were 'called' to rally around, to come together in energies and focus on the changing of the vibrational flow, to bring together the ' Warroirs of The Light' to clear the way for the new millinium, the 'new age'.

    This battle , a battle between the light and the darkness, the darkness striving to consume the light in us. LSD turned on the light so bright the drakness could not hid in itself and all the things that lurk in the darkness was revieled by the light and the darkness was lifted from our hearts and we were set free. We saw the truth.

    If in light, I offered a meal and was rejected from igorance should my offering be unaccepted as mis-imformation or should it be known simply as my opinion from my experience with LSD and my knowledge obtained from the use of it with some of the ones who developed and distributed it..

    If experiance has no place here, then what is it about.

    There are ones here saying that LSD is still what it was.. perhaps that is so, I cannot say it is not. I do not doubt their word, what I doubt is that the 'good stuff' is not out in the populas and that there deffinatly some stuff out there that is not true and has a potential to do harm.. so beware/aware.

    If I have offended anyone I beg your pardon..

    Bright Blessing on your jouney
  20. I agree, great post.
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