LSD in the UK

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by MC-Stevey-C, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. MC-Stevey-C

    MC-Stevey-C Member

    Why is it so hard to get hold of?? or is it just me... I remember about 10 years ago LSD was easy to find, i have had it since, (withiin the last year) but it was so weak i needed to eat like 15 tabs to get off it! Where oh where have all the chemists gone? lol
  2. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

    I think the Hell's Angels used to distribute LSD from Amsterdam, but I think that ship has sailed...
  3. When the police crack down on LSD, ppl moves on to crystal meth. And when they crack down on the meth, I'm sure LSD will rise again, or MDMA for that matter - until the next crack down.
  4. SweetBlasphemy

    SweetBlasphemy Senior Member

    I can't answer but I'm in the same situation in the US, it's been scarce and difficult to get a hold of in my experience although people tell me it shouldn't be a problem to find in my particular area. I guess it's really about who you know...
  5. Yea, word of mouth is best. The government's WOM is full of distorted truths & lies!!!!
  6. tixarn1

    tixarn1 Member

    Yeah, sadly it is sparse, I guess all you can do is learn to synth it and correct thesituation yourself ;)
  7. alot of its to do with money. once small scale produced and made it cheaper then it wasn't viable for the big shots, same as mdma, and even charlie to a certain extent. they move on to the next chemical and so goes the cycle. bummer if you liked all the old school tabs and pills though.
  8. Why can't the dealers wise up and saturate an area with fake tabs so the real ones can get to the customers that need them? Causing the feds on a wild goose chase.:policeman:
  9. Raskalization

    Raskalization Making plans for Nigel

    My head hurts...what are you trying to say here dude?
  10. 1978

    1978 Guest

    It's all over the place, not my cup of tea tho
  11. JesusIsCute

    JesusIsCute Member

    Not that i'm offering drugs here in any way shape or form, but i can offer LINKS to help you aquire something you might want in the north east (west yorkshire specifically)
  12. mustlivelife

    mustlivelife Knows nothing!

    You're gonna get it twouble...

    Go look up the definition of subtlety and learn some!!! You would be better saying something like "I have some great friends that you would love to meet!" And if people don't get it then it's their problem. Don't risk your skin like that!
  13. JesusIsCute

    JesusIsCute Member

    I wasn't trying to be subtle, if i've broke the forum rules i apologize though.
  14. mustlivelife

    mustlivelife Knows nothing!

    I can get you crack if you want to feel better.
  15. LovesLiquid

    LovesLiquid Member

    Why do you like to corrupt posts with these ridiculous comments ?????


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