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    Hey Guys,

    I recently started using LSD on my own for some what of a reflective, fun and personal experience. Having tried mushrooms twelve plus times, I always wanted to use LSD but never trusted it in my country. I recently moved to a new country where I trust the LSD supply and I have a very good source. I have tried LSD four times now, starting with an 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and finally a full tab. I gradually wanted to work my way up just to see how my body would react. My last trip was by far my best experience, all the others were a little bit frustrating because of not gettting to the level I wanted, but I do not regret trying it like this as it was very enjoyable and the previous experiences only made me more comfortable when I got the full tab.

    During my full tab experience I experienced open and closed eyed visuals, a shadow orchestra on my ceiling and some disappearing curtains. I have read reports of people not having any open eyed visuals after one tab, i'm not sure wheter it is good acid (I trust my source) or if it is the five grams of a heavy 100% indica I smoked over the fourteen hours. But trust me I was definitely having opened eyed visuals. The next day my ceiling has never looked so boring. I know it is difficult to have an accurate microgram dosage unless you know the manufacturer, so I was using erowid to gauge the dosage of what I experienced.

    At one stage I experienced some anxiety about a text message I had sent to a friend, I had recently suffered from some anxiety that week, just everyday bs like work, money etc. The experience was so surreal as I lay down listening to music I felt full blown anxiety but I knew it wasnt real anxiety. It was like the drug saying why do you experience anxiety in your day to day life, then it threw it in my face and said deal with it. I could almost see myself in an everyday situation feeling anxiety magnified x 10 but not high on LSD, I felt completely sober, eventually I could feel the anxiety leaving my body in waves as I talked myself through my issues. Since then I have not experienced any anxiety worry or any of my problems from the previous week or in general. Even during the experience I wasnt afraid or scared, I could udnerstand the anxiety. I have experienced two bad trips on shrooms and by no means was this a bad trip. It was the most positive negative experience I have ever had.

    I have really enjoyed all my experiences and I get so excited when I think about my next experience. I like to trip alone normally when my girlfriend is out with friends. I love every element of the experience and I love the way it feels like a tree gripping around my body and for the next fourteen hours I felt safe and warm like being in a hammock of caring hands. My questions are...

    1. Does anybody have an experience they could relate to mine?

    2. I have read various times between breaks in trips. Some say once every two months, some say when your head is ready?

    3. I really enjoyed my full tab experience part of me wants to push further, part of me is happy with where I am....should I try a tab and a half, two tabs or only if my brain is calling for it?

    4. If I do higher dosers is it more common to have a learning experience ( negative or postive ) in this manner? E.g Can I do a half tab for chilling and a full tab plus for more of an entheogen experience?

    5. How common are flashbacks with LSD? Is it random or based of frequency and dosage?

    I'm not sure if that has made any sense but I am very grateful for any feedback as I trust this website and I seem to get a lot of misinfo on other sites. I don't really have anyone I can speak to in person about tripping so I am looking for your kind wisdom and knowledge.

    Kind Regards
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    Two months is enough time for your trip to be as intense as this one was. Some people can trip as often as every 3 to 4 days, but I personally find I need at least a week or more. You can trip more often but then you risk getting used to the state of mind the trip puts you in. I generally don't trip more then once or twice a month at max. Although there have been times when I have tripped a few days in row by increasing my dose each day. The experiences are still good, but it is not something to do too often.

    Like you noticed taking 1/2 a tab will not do much. LSD made today is around 50-100 micrograms a hit. LSD you bought in the 1960's could be as much 200-300 micrograms a hit. So back then one or two hits was really plenty to trip hard. However for some reason today it is weaker. Some say this is for profit margin, some say it is on purpose to help people avoid taking too much. If you want to take more then one I would say do it. LSD is not something you can OD on and since you have mushroom experience you are a veteran. I have taken many hits at once before and it is more intense then one hit. But it is the same experience, just allot more intense.

    Flashbacks are not what you think they are. Like if you have ever seen a LSD flashback portrayed in a movie, most times it is way off. Those are thought of by people who have never had a trip. I have taken allot of trips and the worst "flashback" I get is something minor like the letters on the TV screen wiggling. And this really only happens for a few days to a week after a trip. Although there is something called Hallucinogen persistent precption disorder. This can be happen with heavy drug use and for some is unpleasant. It is like a permanent minor trip. But even in those cases the longer you go without tripping the better it gets. But this only happens to people who trip allot, like every week or a few times a week for long periods.

    Higher doses can be help push you into a deep experience but one tab can be just as good. I know of some people who only like to take a hit or two so there is a mental aspect but the trip is not insane. But I will quote Terrence Mckenna
    "If you take a psychedelic drug and you are not afraid you took too much, you did not do enough".

    I have had moments where I take something like 10 hits of liquid and I think what the hell did I do, but that feeling gives way to an amazing world. One time on several hits I was staring at a car and it would change into a truck, then into another car. I could not even figure out what type of automobile it really was. Another time I could not even walk in a crowd at a concert because with everyone's trails as they walked I could not tell where people actually were. So if you want visuals more then one tab can do it for you.
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    You mean in terms of LSD helping with anxiety? Tens of thousands of people have been medically documented being helped this way :) and those are just the ones who participated in recorded academic studies. I have had tremendous help for my anxiety from psychedelics.

    The time between your tripping must also be decided based on how long of a series of trips you will take. For example, if you are only going to trip twice in your entire life, then it's fine to do the first time one weekend, the second time next weekend. But if you take psychedelics every weekend for years and years, that may be too much. You might be at a 3 day music festival and anticipate dosing on consecutive days. This is fine, as long as you are not dosing consecutive days for a month straight :)

    If you are looking for a long term pace at which to dose, I would suggest once every few weeks, give your receptors time to really bounce back.

    It seems to me that you are comfortable with LSD and react well to it, you should stop with the baby steps in my opinion. I would suggest a larger dose, 3-5 tabs as your next trip if you feel up to it. There are entire layers to the experience which are simply not present in lower doses, as you've discovered. Maybe you are ready to jump ahead a few layers?

    Dose does not correspond to seriousness of experience, in my experience. One of my most powerful "slap in the face" trips on LSD was on one hit, while my 15 hit experience was somewhat frivolous in comparison and held no real-life teachings whatsoever. I find the teaching comes when you are ready for it, and if that is while you are on half a tab, it will come then.

    Flashbacks are an urban myth, they do not exist. The only thing similar is Hallucinogen Perception Persisting Disorder, which is nothing like the "flashbacks" we are told from a friend of a friend. You won't ever spontaneously start to trip ten years from now while sober, because you took some acid last week. It simply doesn't occur. HPPD is based on frequency and dose, so keeping both to a respectful amount will allow you to avoid this.
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    Thanks for the help! You have answered all my questions and I'm very much looking forward to next month! Happy tripping.

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